Tuesday, September 4, 2012

36 weeks

September 4, 2012
Week 36
Pregnancy Highlights: 
Baby Size: 18.75 inches Crenshaw melon??? 5.75lbs
Maternity Clothes: yes and no but honestly living in sweatpants just for the comfort!
Stretch Marks: Nope and Hope to Avoid
Gender Predictions: BOY
Movement: : its starting to become a different type of movement! (pushing out) And maybe less but still has his few times every day where he is all over
Sleep: compared to week 34-35 I was doing really really good no more heartburn (thanks to Zantac) and waking up to pee and falling back to sleep quickly UNTIL last night I was up for 3 hours with strong contractions and pretty consistent but they were not getting any stronger AND THEN just went away (first time I was really thinking that it was maybe time)
What I miss: my body
Food Cravings: appetite still isn’t what it has been slowed down a lot –been on a bit of a coffee kick
Symptoms: contractions
achy legs and body 
Weight Gain: fluctuates between +23-27
Emotions: a little moody but I want to blame it on just being uncomfortable and ready to be done,
Belly Button:still can’t decide if it wants to stay and inn or pop out depends on the day and time
Best Moment this week:  the crib is fixed
The car seat is installed
What I’m looking forward to: meeting my baby boy, holding him, snuggling him, kissing his cheeks (that I am sure will be chubby), seeing what he looks like, and watching Rocky become a father
What I’m NOT looking forward to: praying for a fast easy delivery with WONDERFUL dr and nurses working that night (fingers crossed)
Milestone: 36 weeks we are OFFICIALLY out of the “danger zone” if Urijah where to choose to come now
Labor signs: 4 more weeks --- body is getting ready
Week 36 Picture:

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