Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pool Time

It has been so warm out, talking high 80's, spending a lot of time outside on walks and just hanging out.  You my child are definitely an outdoor baby and fit right into this family of ours.
  (Iowa is still getting snow and YES it is Spring)
Anyways I am very anxious to go to the pool with you.  As much as you love the bathtub I know that you are going to LOVE the pool and we are going to spend a lot of our next few months there.  Daddy got home early, you had a great nap, and it was 80+ degrees out so I figured that was a perfect combination to go to the pool.  WRONG!! we got all suited up and headed over.... the water was ICE COLD!!! BBBBRRRRR I didn't even try to put your toes in because it was that freezing! But you looked pretty darn cute in your lil shark/fish trunks and shades.  You loved looking at the water and the fountains that were going! So I guess this was just an introduction to you of a new place that we will be spending a lot of time at splashing, learning, playing, and getting our tan on!  The Easter Bunny told me he/she is bringing you a cool little floaty with a canopy and all!


5 months

We are creeping up on 6 months and I have yet to post 5 months so here it is ....

March 5, 2012

            Weight: 17.8 lbs 78%
            Height:  26.69inch 83%
            Head: 17.13 63%
Size 3 diapers  ……..size 6-9 clothes
Everything looks good and you are right on schedule and ahead in some places as well.  Dr Skurry told us we had better start baby proofing because you are going to be on the move before we know it.  That you act more like a 6 month old already.  You roll and go places now and you try your hardest to sit up.  You can tell by the look in your eyes sometimes you just want to go! Crawling is screaming your name but you have just yet to get all the steps put together.  I am excited and not ready for this next step. You already have mommy on her toes and before long we will be all over this apartment! 
Last month in Iowa was great but hard on all three of us to be away from Daddy.  You just change to fast little man and time away from Daddy “you ate yourself” aka doubled in size.  You where spoiled or maybe I should just say loved A LOT by everyone in Iowa no one wanted us to leave.   You did not like the pack n play so you slept in bed with Mommy for the month and now we have some bad habits/ sleep training to do to 1. Get you back in your crib and 2.  Not eating as much through the night.  We have had a big regression and I am sure a big part was all the change in life you have had this month. 
We started cereal (oatmeal) at night and you where a pro at eating.  Then I decided to be nice and add a little flavor and  try banana oatmeal but you thought that was horrific. You where gagging on it! And since you have decided you are not really a fan.  After our appointment the Dr told us we need to be doing rice in the a.m. because it has nutrients that oatmeal does not.  So we have started that and veggies are right around the corner in the next week or so.  HOPING that you LOVE them unlike rice and oatmeal that you have decided is just not for you! Hahah
You love love love the exersaucer you sometimes are a wild man in there.  You fit in Aunt Baileys a lot better though when we got back here you can barely touch the floor in ours.  I think your two cousins had hers broke in good!  You eye/hand coordination has taken off you are so fixated on things and everything goes in your mouth still.  You may be teething (your fangs??? Is what appear to be swollen) and you had your first ear infection while we where home in Iowa.
I can only imagine how much more you are going to be able to do in this next month always has us excited.  Growing and learning J