Thursday, September 20, 2012


September 18, 2012
Week 38
Pregnancy Highlights: 
Baby Size: 19.75 inches 6.8lbs
Maternity Clothes: yes and no –I am just living in sweats and comfy pre pregnancy stuff
Stretch Marks: Nope and Hope to Avoid
Gender Predictions: boy
Movement: Yes and I feel like you are dropping a little bit maybe
I can feel movement much lower than ever before, however, your little feet are still up in my right ribs when you move  
Maybe you are just growing and not dropping or stretched out now
Sleep: Since being sick have not been good, wrestless and up a lot
What I miss: I feel like this is getting repetitive BUT my body J hahah and wearing all my clothes, ready for them to fit again.
Food Cravings: sweets – blt’s, oreos still and anything dessert like
Made some delicious banana bars
Food Aversions: none and enjoying that 
Symptoms: just being sick-cold/respiratory
Weight Gain: go to Dr this Friday
I don’t think I have gained but maybe another lb or so
Pretty sure my scale is wrong ---it always different then wha the dr says (less which im okay with hahaha) so probably about +27/28/29 lbs
Emotions:  Im doing really good emotions I feel like have been in check for the majority of this pregnancy (with a few loose hairs here and there)
Daddy has been taking really good care of me this week
And helping out a lot more around house, cooking, etc since I have been sick
SO GLAD you didn’t decide to come in the middle of me being under the weather (I feared that)
Belly Button: outey most days or flesh with the skin –no more inny
Best Moment this week:  Bailey booked her ticket to come down after Urijah is born!! I am so beyond excited, she will be his second family member to hold him after Grandma Robin
I got my hair colored and picked up a few more things for the hospital
Worked more on the baby book got some pictures put in it

WORST moment this week: being sick
Head, throat, chest, cough, stomach, the works
Daddy had it last week and decided to be kind and share
What I’m looking forward to: Holding my baby boy
What I’m NOT looking forward to: being in the middle of a store or church and my water breaking! Just so anxious to know when he is going to decide to come
Milestone: internal organs and systems are now fully developed and baby is ready to enter the world. Becoming more cramped inside
Labor signs: 2 more weeks IS THAT A 2!!!!!
Week 38 Picture:

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