Wednesday, August 29, 2012

35 weeks down 5 to go!!!

August 28, 2012
Week 35
Pregnancy Highlights: 
Baby Size: 18 inches honeydew melon 5.25lbs (not much room for him in there at this point)
Maternity Clothes: yes and no but honestly living in sweatpants just for the comfort!
Stretch Marks: Nope and Hope to Avoid
Gender Predictions: BOY BOY BOY
Movement: its starting to become a different type of movement! (pushing out) And maybe less but still has his few times during the day where he is all over
Sleep: good and rough nights
What I miss: what most woman miss when they are prego –body, sleeping on belly, etc.
Food Cravings: sweets –but I do not have much of an appetite this last week as normal
Symptoms: heartburn! But after seeing Dr Lutter she gave me some stronger medicine then just tums and I have yet to have it sent (THANK THE LORD) bc that was HORRIBLE!!!! L  
I should just start living in the bathroom as I thought I peed a lot before! ‘a lot’  has been brought to a whole new meaning!!!
Weight Gain: fluctuates between +23-27
Emotions: tired most day with the occasional few days of “nesting” where I have cleaned things that normally do not get cleaned but felt it necessary to deep deep clean (couch, blinds, baseboards, and more) first time I have actually felt the nesting syndrome
Belly Button: still can’t decide if it wants to stay and inn or pop out depends on the day and time
Best Moment this week:  Seeing Dr. Lutter after all the new symptoms that started last week and being reassured that I am not in pre term labor! Checked my cervix and it is still firm and closed (Thankful!!!)
What I’m looking forward to: being 40 weeks already so I can have and meet this baby boy
What I’m NOT looking forward to: actual delivery/ knowing when to go to the hospital/ the “unknown” pain of labor
Milestone: Most of his basic physical development is now complete--- he’ll spend the next few weeks putting on weight (and mommy too I’m sure)
Labor signs: 5 more weeks … Have started having Braxton Hicks contractions daily
Week 35 Picture:

12 weeks vs 35 week Belly fun to compare

Official coming home outfit (we decided last week but I dont think that I posted it) this outfit screams Daddy's little boy 

She went from claiming the changing pad for weeks and weeks to now this last week his crib ---I sure hope she likes to share 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Iowa in August Photo Dump

we passed the time playing phase 10, suduko, the USO at Dallas, went out for burgers in Dallas with Keith Debra and Noah, and arrived in Iowa where Willie picked us up!

There was a huge hail storm that we got caught in right after getting our nails done good thing they still look good though

SO SO SO good to see these boogers again so stinkin big and so stinkin ornery 
(so sweet)

(so goofy)

One of the first nights there we had a dinner at Joys house for Jared's "going away party" as he would head to Simpson on Saturday, not everyone could attend because Nana had made a trip to the Hospital earlier that day in the ambulance and was admitted for the night.  She got a lot of blood and was released the next day.

Thursday night we did maternity shoot with Carly Nicholls in Winterset which was so much fun 

On Friday Rocky played in the Alumni Golf Tournament where the following picture explains the whole event---words are not needed!!!
While he was enjoying his day of wild and free 
Bailey, the boys, and I went to the zoo like responsible human beings 

That night we grilled out and "pre gamed" the Sweet Corn Festival Festivities!!! Dad grilled pork loin sandwiches and Rollings x2 Millsaps Kassals all came over followed up by Wyatt, Kristina, and Rocky much much much later on in the night (golfing followed by the bar NOT such a good idea for our boys lesson learned by them good thing their ladies love them)

I had a new partner to snuggle with that night and loved every minute of it!!! Falling asleep talking to this little booger was the best 

Kicked off Sweet Corn watching all the runners go buy and all the non prego's drinking Bloody Marys

Sweet Corn Festival 2012 most definitely didn't get as many moments captured and I think you can solely blame this on me not being able to drink and get all picture happy one of the MANY things that happen when Lindsey is intoxicated 

intense game of flippy cup got to 3 table long 20+people

Foster Boys

The cutest couple expecting baby three :) 

intense concentration going on

looking plump in this photo hahahah I dont think I am really this big but more of just a bad angle (or we can pretend)

Sunday Night was filled with Stuart Races

Monday Willie and Rocky spent the whole day together in Garner Iowa and went fishing at Clear Lake
            We Ate the fish with Nana, Joy, Shawn, and Levi the following night

His BIG catch

While the boys where away I hung out with my other favorite boys and enjoyed the awesome Iowa weather

Wrestling with Grandpa

Monday night we told all the family Urijahs name 

Final Day Hate Saying Good Bye :( Hate Leaving Iowa :(

And a 1,000 pictures later ----we are back in El Paso Texas!!!!!!