Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Recap

I got my hair colored finally :) Another check off of before baby arrival

Friday we went to Genghis Mongolian Grill 
I was craving Hu Hot 
and we decided to "celebrate" my birthday in case we didn't get the chance to

Saturday night we babysat 

I was thinking that Sunday was going to maybe be "the day"
Woke up and my stomach was just very upset 
but still decided to go to church 
I was just very hot and feeling beyond nauseous  

2 weeks ago the service was about 2 timothy and Urijah story
The whole church service this Sunday was all about "the light" 
Rocky wrote on the back of his bulletin and showed it to me 

"Urijah means =the Lord is my light 
this whole service is about light 
He is coming SOON!"

It put a big smile on my face and warmed my heart! 
I love that man 

Got home about 10 and went straight to sleep 
woke up at 1 and felt better but was having contractions 
they where consistently 15 minutes apart until about 8
Never got closer or stronger 
and we where trying!
ate some spicy food
and more 

We put your carseat in the car 
and stroller in the back 

Daddy Really wants tomorrow COME ON BABY BOY!!!!!!!!!! :) 
If you do not come tomorrow THEN wait until Saturday when Grandma is here haha
8 days till due date

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  1. your hair is adorable! and you're sooo close...I'll be blog stalking you to see when that baby comes:)