Thursday, October 20, 2011

365 Days Later

sssooooo 365 days later
Its the hubby and i's one year anniversary since we started DATING
 (might i mention we have been married for 6 months now too hahahah)
We had been talking for a few months before i finally excepted the fact of having a TITLE wasnt really going to change anything with our relationship and lives at that moment (however this existing relationship im talking about that wasnt going to change was a very exciting DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP and we where not even ever around each other making it an even bigger commitment to sign up for a distance relationship that EVERYONE frowns upon "never work out" "cheating" blah blah blah  i mean honestly who would want to do this?NOONE who would sign up for that type of relationship OBVIOUSLY NOONE would choose that but if you "beat the odds" it makes you a lot stronger.......which LUCKY ME -- WINNER WINNER WINNER i didnt have to go down that path INSTEAD here we are MARRIED and thousands of miles apart!!


and my biggest most HUGE fear of losing my best friend by getting into a relationship with him ACTUALLY ended up being the best decision ever --it made our friendship even stronger!!! my best friend is now my HUSBAND :)


However, I will be the first to admit--I am very ready to have him home DISTANCE IS OVER RATED----im over the distance, im over being strong, im over not getting to do the little NORMAL things that people get to do with their spouses!!!!, im over sleeping alone, im over not having him hear to talk about all the stupid little things, im over "planning" future out "when we are together again" what we will do and what we want, IM OVER NOT BEING IN THE SAME TIME ZONE; SAME LIFE!!!!!!!!! IM READY TO LIVE OUT OUR FUTURE LIVE OUT OUR RELATIONSHIP LIVE OUT OUR PLANS!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

25 years down

so this happened like almost a month ago but not quite hahha however with my life the way it is i planned to do it HOWEVER
here i am 
 it was a blast in a glass (okay not quite deena) however it was a freaking blast and a hell-0 good time!!!
so i had to write about it and share this fun idea with all you bloggers :)
first off -- you cant go wrong with blue moon!! you will laugh until you think you are going to pee everytime
and to watch everyone get embarrassed is hillarious too (lighten up people its life you have to have fun)

2nd-- sister and i pulling off the party was so much fun from the planning to the secrets to the stress hahah

lots was going on in everyones life (grandma'S being sick) so the party was smaller then expected, we feared mom and dad where not going to even make it thankfully they did!!!

had their ACTUAL wedding napkins and other things used (name tag was actually their thank you notes but just had their names on the outside) and then their party favors where cute little rolled up poems (dad wrote to mom cough cough NOT! but he tried to say he did hahah he is not really the "romantic" type)

We found old pictures of the two of them
8x10 of their wedding picture for middle of the table for everyone in bar to see hahhahaha

and then we tied other ones to some jars to use as a "centerpiece" in the middle of tables

 best part of all ---all the ladies dressed up in "80s bridesmaids dresses"

we made moms sash and she wore a veil Dad worea  top hat for their actually wedding HOWEVER our's was a little to small for that big head of his hahhaha
Sisters born in the 80s rockin out like they lived in the 80s

Prego at 40? smokin? drinkin? NOT married? WTH

They where so surprised and everyone had such a good time

After this night of fun i decided that you shouldnt need an occasion to dress up instead you should just pick fun "themes" and you and your girls just have a blast with it :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Blonde or Brunette

So I can honestly say one or the other "do NOT have more fun" then the other
You get to choose your hair and you get to choose your fun :)
and its the one thing i can control ssssooooo when this girls life gets our of control i take control and change my hair just so that i know that i have control over something !!!
its so true though , yes you get the occasional im bored lets make a hair change, but most of time when my life starts to spin and i cant grasp on to things **i change the hair** i think its a good solution hahahha people start to concentrate on that new fact in your life and not the others "hows your grandma? hows your mom? hows rocky?" ggguuuuhhhhhh to much to much to much to much I GIVE IN (hince my title yes im freaking clever lol)
okay so to you few wonderful blog followers of mine voice your opinon please!! :)
which you digging ?!?




what ya thinking?! new girl new attitude new hope ---okay so its just new hair hahaahhaha
                                                     IT'S STILL NEW!!!!!!!!!!!

A different shot both ways so you can get a full effect on the difference (like you couldnt tell already LOL)

Monday, October 10, 2011


i SERIOUSLY already wrote this post once and then it all got deleted !!! :( WTF

sssoooo here we go again and most def isnt going to be as good as the first one-- as always
so this is kinda going to be kinda short and sweet and not at all as gushy and cute as the first one!

For my birthday my husband missed and loves me so much that he shipped himself to me!! :)

HoW rEaL dOeS hE lOoK?!?! kinda creepy and kinda perfect too hahaha

The order got messed up and i didnt get it on my acual birthday, however, it didnt matter to me :) (we where cursed anyways --even the card he mailed to me got returned to him hahah not regular size or something crazy like that)
His hint to me "its 6 foot tall" --okay the farthest thing from my brain was a cardboard cutout of himself hahahah

I took him to the birthday party to surprise the rest of his family ---everyone loved it as much as me :)

Im glad I got to be accompanied --so many events I get to go to alone these days its nice to have the Mr. "tag" along for a change

These boys where very inappropriate and I am not going to be able to share any pictures from them EXCEPT this one!!!

The boys

Shawn & Mom

He was excited to share his birthday celebration with me this year!!! :)



Jada and Chase with their guns

Nana and her soldier

Amazing how much fun a cut out piece of card board can be!! :) But when you miss someone as much as we miss him --well its fun!! its more then fun!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A beyond wonderful weekend!!!! :) the whole family was out at grandmas this saturday deep cleaning and organizing grandmas house just so one she can wake to a CLEAN warm house (she has been so sick and in and out of the hospital often enough without much recovering time to gain strength to clean and do other chores around the house that it was nice we could all pitch in and get the job done it looks 100 times better) she said "it will be so nice to wake to a clean house; it will be so nice to have people come visit and not be embarassed of the house" and at this point all you want to be able to do is make everything and anything a bajillion times nicer for her its really the LEAST that we can do.  She is such a wonderful lady hard to imagine a life without her --at this point her spirits are good, the fight is still on, and the pain tolerance isnt bad yet! We still have our grandma the one we all know and love and hope to have her like this till the day God takes her home!

My Uncle stays with my grandma and helps her with most of her needs. My cousin Kara and I stayed out there saturday for a little slumber party with the grandma and gave him a break for the night to go hang out with friends and get away.  I prolly enjoyed it more then him getting a break!!! idk the last time I stayed out there--all the little things mean so much and can be so much fun.  I really did enjoy myself and am going to stay out there again this weekend.  I am going to color grandma and kara's hair (we have family pictures next weekend --I only wish my husband was going to be here :( makes me very sad)  and just have a girls night again. 
We woke up watched a movie enjoyed our coffee and then packed up to head to the little brothers football game, grandma had not got to see one yet this year and she was very excited.  Packing her up (medicine, walker, chair, oxygen, stuff to stay warm, etc. was POSSIBLY as bad as getting a kid ready to go somewhere hahahah i told her we need to invest in a diaper bag and how they even make cute ones now :) she said "its good practice for you" I only kid because I do not mind doing it at all I actually like it, I like spending time just me and her.

Trey after the game all sweaty and stinky

Doesnt get any better then these two little guys --they are my world!!!

Wouldnt you do anything for that face?

Loves his uncle trevor

made us all a little nervous having him thrown all over the place HOWEVER the giggles and deep chuckles coming from that little body was hillarious; he was LOVIN it

Birthday Party later that day for the other side ---the brother n law and I are a day apart so we celebrated ours together (for tomorrows blog)