Monday, September 17, 2012

What Will You Look Like Sweet Little Boy.....

I dug out baby pics of us so that we can take them to the hospital with us and compare when you are born to compare who you look like or who you get certain traits from :) 

DADDY                       MOMMY
8 lb 1 oz                        8 lb 12.5 oz
20 "                                21 1/2"
9:40pm                            1:37am 

Daddy thinks you will have blonde/light hair 
But looking at our pictures I can not imagine you NOT having a full head of DARK hair (which is the one thing I want you to have is lots and lots and lots of hair no matter what the color because I think its the cutest thing when babies have head full of hair)
Will you have a Mohawk like Mommy? A Calic like Daddy? 
Big blue eyes your bound to have
Long Long Long Long   


15 days and counting
Due Date: Oct 2

All the family has started to put in there guesses on weight, length, and arrival date/time!
Two top days most people are guessing are the 25th (Daddy's guess @ 7:46pm) and the 30th (Mommy's Guess @ 2:30am) 
I hope you surprise everyone and are small --everyone is just determined that you are going to be a big boy

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