Thursday, September 27, 2012

24 years...can I really be that old??

Well's true I am officially 24 ....that just seems crazy!!!! AND we made it through the day without having a baby hahahaha The one day that I did not want for Urijah to come I was for sure he show up :)
It's not that I didnt want to share my birthday I just wanted my bugaboo to have his own special day and not have to share with anyone else!!! So now that we have by passed the day HE CAN COME OUT NOW!

Did not do anything to special but it was a good day!
Started by walking in the morning and then cleaning like crazy (I think I finally have a few urges of nesting here and there spontaneously)
then I met up with Leonor and the kiddos (family I baby sit for) at Corner Bakery (yogurt parfait and a muffin) she wanted to take me out for brunch
Miss Mila and I(they had to come see our place since they had not come to our side of town and seen it yet)
She got these cupcakes and a "friendship" willow tree too!
Talk about a special friend-so blessed 

Then I came home and just relaxed in my very clean house 
Was surprised with this delivery from my father in law
They are gorgeous and smell amazing!!!
He did good :)

When the hubs walked in after work he was carrying an Oreo blizzard Ice Cream Cake with 2 4 lit on top singing Happy Birthday to me :) He is so special and I love his heart as well as kid spirit!!!

We of course ate it right away :) 
and where so full that we didnt end up eating supper until almost 8 
(He made me tacos!!!) 

Meanwhile we skyped these boogers 
Who no longer look like this :( But yesterday I was looking at all the old pictures on my computer of both their birth days and baby pictures 
thinking how crazy it was going to be that that day was coming for my son soon 
How I was going to get to experience that breath taking moment again 
with my own child! 
Gods biggest blessing 
They grow way to fast
This is who the real stinkers that we skyped with: 
(Tucker was concerned yesterday about not coming to my party He is the sweetest)

And this wild man McCoy his imagination is taking off :) I love love love it!!!

So here is to 24 and all the incredible changes that my life is about to encounter :)

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