Tuesday, April 9, 2013

6 months old

April 5, 2012

Stats (as of 4/9/12)
Weight-18lbs 6oz …. 69%
Height- 64.4? you shrunk from last month SO I think they messed this up!  ….69%
Head- 44 …56%
More shots
Size 4 diapers but we are waiting for our cloth diapers to arrive and will be starting those J
12 month clothes
You are becoming such a little boy Growing way to fast and doing all sorts of things.  Not to mention you are EVERYWHERE! You are not crawling yet and do not even get up to all fours and rock back and forth.  Instead you just roll roll roll roll.  You can get from one place to the other pretty darn fast.  Your legs are so strong if we stand you up against the couch or the ottoman you can stand there for a long time! Just these last couple days right before turning 6 months you have got really good at sitting up.  You still fall over while playing with toys but you are getting the hang of it pretty fast!  You are sleeping in your crib 100% of the time minus when Mommy gets up and feeds you laying in the bed with you and we fall asleep for a good hr or more snuggling J Mommy is really good at sleep feeding you hahah More like you are good at holding your bottle until it is gone and then just drop it! You are becoming quite the little blankey baby when you sleep as you like to be covered up with one and you hug another light weight one up by your face.  Also you sleep on your face or even some time your belly where as you use to always be on your back with your arms out or above your head.  You are eating 5-6 oz at a time.  You eat solids at about 5pm and then bath and last bottle at 6:30 asleep by 7.  You wake to eat at night at about 11 and 2 and then up to eat and for the day at about 6-7:30.  You are still getting only breast milk but this month we will be beginning to introduce formula.  You are loving solids and we are experimenting with all sorts of different foods.  Fruit: apples, pears, banana, nectarine, watermelon and cantaloupe (pieces you suck on it). You love the foods that you get to feed/suck on yourself.  Including Mum Mums which are a pretty big hit! Veggies: carrots, sweet potato, squash, peas, green beans, avocado.  The teething net is a huge hit too putting in frozen fruit and you will get so mad when no more juice comes out! I think apples are your favorite so far. 
Things you love: You love being outside we go on walks daily (or if we need to put you to sleep) or sit on a blanket with toys you are always just so content being outside.  Cant wait to find a park with baby swings OR be home in Iowa with trees that we could have a swing hang from.  I think you will love it!  You also love the pool the water is still too cold so we either just dip our toes in or we sit over at the tables just watching the fountains.  You love to bounce and play in your exersaucer aka the poop machine.  We take it out on the “deck” a lot.  YOU LOVE LOVE LOVE baths.  It’s the one time a day we can almost ALWAYS count on you crying (which you really do not do much) is when we pull you out.  You love playing peek a boo, especially with blankets being put over your face/body! You kick and flail and get so excited.  You love when your daddy comes home from work he gets that same reaction! You are drawn to strings (mommys ties on her slippers or on our hoodies) and cords (which we need to baby proof the house better).  You love feet to! Your feet our feet anyones foot/toe that you can get in your mouth hahahah. 

You have lost your funny hair as it is starting to grow!  You do not have missing line in the back anymore but the stuff on top is very long and stringy since you never lost any of it.  It is also turning very blonde with a hint of brown still


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