Thursday, September 20, 2012

SiCk SiCk SiCk

Rocky had a head cold last week and a respiratory infection and he was nice enough to share with me and baby :(  EXCEPT he cant share all this goodness that he got  from the Dr!

So this week has been pretty miserable to say the least! 
Head, throat, chest, nose, drainage, no appetite, upset stomach, achy body 
and every time Baby U moves it hurts a lot more 
I know that he has less room in there, however, this sickness has made it pretty horrible 
and me more ready to be done being pregnant HOWEVER at the same time I sure hope that baby decides to wait until I am done being sick before he decides to make his appearance so I have more energy and I am all better and all the germs are out of the house!

Lots of this going on!!!

And as always my craving for sweets is pretty much the only thing that I have been wanting to eat :) 
Sick and I still want desserts hahahah 
chocolate chip cookies, oreos, brownies, ice cream, AND NOW 
Sugar cookies
Banana Bars --which I was very impressed with myself for being my first time making them
They where delicious!!! and so easy to make

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