Wednesday, May 30, 2012

22 weeks

May 29, 2012
Week 22
Pregnancy Highlights: 
Baby Size: 11 inches spaghetti squash 1 lb
Maternity Clothes: Nope and Hope to Avoid for as long as possible
Stretch Marks: bought my first pair of capris, still can wear ½ my clothes, but a lot of my tops are getting to short and a lot of my pants are getting uncomfortable
Gender Predictions: IT’S A BOY
Movement: So much ---has become so active, I love it!
Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well
What I miss:
Food Cravings: waffles, sweets, juice, everything that isn’t good for me!!
My appetite has been crazy this week
Food Aversions: None
Symptoms: tired some this week but very busy! Sore feet
Packing up the place and getting ready to go home to Iowa
Weight Gain: Will know for sure on Friday at the appointment but I think another 5lbs =10+ Total
Emotions: I cry a lot hahah over everything and anything
Belly Button: Inney
Best Moment this week: 
What I’m looking forward to: Going home, having baby showers (feel so unprepared and I know I will feel much better once we start getting stuff), Got Fabric to make bedding
What I’m NOT looking forward to:  Flying im kinda nervous about that and leaving the hubs in Tx for 9 days I will miss him!
Milestone: baby weighs one POUND
Labor signs: 18 more weeks
Week 22 Picture:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

weekend recap

Sammi was in town for a girl that she went to massage therapy school with - was getting married. 
We got to spend a lot of time together which I really enjoyed!!!
Lots of shopping and laying out 
I really love that girl ---And feel blessed to have met her (one good thing that came from El Paso) 

Thursday night Leonor, Sammi, and I went to Crave to have a girls night --which was DELICIOUS

The night was perfect we sat outside and later on they even started a fire :) 

Friday morning Sammi and I took this little ham (Leonors baby boy Andre)
on a long walk, got some amazing Starbucks YUM, and spent some time at the park

Sat night when Sammi went to the wedding Rocky and I had a date night! 
We went and saw the movie "what to expect when your expecting" I think eveyone in there was prego!! :)

Sunday was a church day
I am GROWING --and church was so hot I thought I was going to pass out!! :(

We then went and picked up some boxes from The Fowlers who just moved into a house.
I am so excited to start packing up!
Then I had to take Rocky to try out the amazing new snowcone place I found (Bahama Bucks which is AMAZING to say the least) and Sammi wanted to get it one more time before she left the next day) 
They have so many flavors and unique ones too!!!

Week 21

May 22, 2012
Week 21
Pregnancy Highlights: 
Baby Size: 10.5 inches large banana 12(or more) oz
Maternity Clothes: Nope but only ½ my closet if that is fitting still
Stretch Marks: Nope and Hope to Avoid
Gender Predictions: He is a boy!!! J
Movement: LOTS this week he has become twice if not more active as he was
Sleep: Still sleeping good, minor aches
What I miss:  Fitting my clothes—I am officially outgrowing A LOT of them and I do not want to buy maternity clothes!
Food Cravings: Pickles, cheese, pasta, pizza, snowcones, SWEETS
Food Aversions: None
Symptoms: Minor aches (back, legs, etc. ), belly aches mainly on the sides as it grows and gets bigger and tighter this is new pain though
Weight Gain: +5
Belly Button: Inny
Best Moment this week:  Sammi was here and we got to spend a lot of time together.  Baby has become SUPER active this week, feel like he moves all the time.  And we had our anatomy scan got to see every little part of baby boy
What I’m looking forward to:  2 weeks –Iowa
4 weeks- Move
What I’m NOT looking forward to:  I am sorta kinda starting to freak out about giving birth!!! I feel like time is getting so close and still have so much to do!
Milestone: More weeks down then weeks to go
Labor signs: In 19 weeks

Week 21 Picture:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

20 weeks-Made It Halfway!!!

May 15, 2012
Week 20
Pregnancy Highlights: 
Baby Size: 6 ½ inches cantaloupe 10oz (or more)
Maternity Clothes: Nope and Hope to Avoid for as long as possible
Pants are getting a bit tight some are too uncomfortable to wear
Stretch Marks: Nope and Hope to Avoid
Gender Predictions: IT’S A BOY
Sleep: tossing and turning still but sleeping good still
What I miss: not getting winded over walking up the stairs.  When I walk I do fine but for whatever reason walking up the stairs or carrying groceries in I get very winded
Food Cravings: Cereal, Pasta, Cake (all sweets really), crackers, pickles, cheese
Food Aversions: NONE
Symptoms: beginning of the week I felt really dizzy lots of spells, however, after Dr Appointment on Tuesday they did blood work and talked about my diet –going to try to eat more protein and fats hoping that helps.  My blood pressure was low which she said is normal but could be another reason why I’m having these spells.  Last half of the week I felt back to normal.
Weight Gain: +5 total
Belly Button: INNY
Best Moment this week:  We got to see baby both last Tuesday and today for the anatomy scan at the hopsital!!!!
We are moving to a new place!! J in one month
What I’m looking forward to: -My girlfriend Sammi coming to town for the week
-Going to iowa!!!! & Babyshowers x2
-Packing, Moving, getting nursery set up, & making it our home!!! (for hopefully the next year and a little change NO MORE MOVING)
Milestone: HALFWAY THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Labor signs: in 20 more weeks
Week 20 Picture:

Sunday, May 13, 2012


We have been having maintenance issue, I feel like every time we turn around we are back in the office telling them about something else that needs to be fixed.  We understand that there is going to be issues and we do live in an older place HOWEVER the issues lately I am just not okay with ---especially with baby boy coming.
For last couple weeks we have been finding cockroaches YES I SAID COCKROACHES it is a really big deal and disgusting to say the least!!! We have gone in and told the office and they said they would have someone come spray soon the thing is THEY HAVE YET TO COME
and we just keep finding them
THEN the breaking bone ----Rocky came home from work and I went to wash dishes (we always have issues with the water it is never warm until we let it run for like 10 minutes, u cant wash dishes in cold water-and to top it off our sink kitchen screams when its on a high pitch annoying sound that when its running no other conversations can go on haha)
anyways ..headed to the sink to do dishes and mud particles where coming out of the faucet looked like chunks of hamburger and I was literally gagging.
We went over to the office right away as they where going to close in about 15 minutes
they said "yea we had problems with a pipe today and some dirt got into the line so you just need to run the water for like 15 minutes it should fix the problem"
Lets just say Rocky is not the most patient person and sometimes can be quite rash to say the least but I also love him for it sometimes hahaha
We came home and he said "we are done, we are moving"
So I began to search for new places and budget all our money if we could afford to break our lease and crunch numbers.  The next day the hubs said "ill be off early lets go look at some places"
We went to one that had been recommended (Ashley and Tony Fowler live there now and are moving to a house)
Anyways WE LOVED IT ---its smaller and cost more BUT it was built in 2008 and everything is new and works
I will have a dishwasher that cleans the dishes and my own washer and dryer!
Lets just say I am very very thrilled to say the least
It happened all so fast that I am still in shock!

When we went to tell the office we where leaving lets just say they where ready for us to be gone
They asked when we wanted to be moved out (waved the 60 day notice that we where suppose to give and two months rent) and then just have to pay the fee since we are breaking our lease

I will be home in Iowa June 3-12 and then we will move into new place June 15th

Mom and trey have got to visit EVERY place we have lived in El Paso its like every time they come down we have a new place (this will be our third)
So in July when they come we will yet again be in a new place

Baby boys first home ---nicer and newer :) I cant wait to make it perfect before he bring him home!

The new place and pool :) cant wait to be laying out there all summer long with my big belly "there is a beached whale" I might scare off the other residents hahahah

My Hubby got me a rocker/recliner and made me pancakes 
for breakfast too :) he is so sweet

Mommy sent me a package!! SHE IS THE BEST MOM EVER I swear i couldn't have got anymore lucky having her to learn from I can only hope to be half the mother she is to me! 
(in my new chair)

I have to share what the card said because it is so cute:
Hi Mommy! Even though I haven't been born yet, I wanted to tell you that I can hardly wait to see you and play with you.  But in the meantime, just know that I already love you and know you'll make a really great mom. 
PS: Who's the guy who's always patting you on the stomach and saying "Hellooooo in there?"
What a goofball!
Happy Mother's Day
(a little bit early)
Baby Boy ????

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


So two weeks ago when Joy was here we found out baby was a BOY and later that day my Dr's nurse called and said that we needed to set up a "physical" since I hadn't had one yet and so today about two weeks later I had a "physical"
"Physical" NOT SO MUCH
I was like what would they do at a physical that they couldn't just check at an appointment??
Told hubby "you really dont have to come they probably wont dont do much and probably nothing related to baby"
But he insisted to come which I am happy and NOT happy that he decided too
1. NOT happy because well it was a pap smear......physical=pap
But I guess it was a good experience for him to be involved with to get him a little prepared (did I say LITTLE) for the actual birth where it wont just be ONE doctor looking at my kooka and legs in stirrups but a lot more commotion, yelling, and action going on.  Along with fear and pain hahahah
2. I was very happy that he did decide to come though because we got to see baby boy again!!! :) It warms my heart and makes my whole day when we get to see him.  He was moving his arms and hands today, Heart rate 156, and still 100% boy she said!!! He is growing like a weed, I was amazed at how much bigger he was just from a two weeks ago when we saw him last.  and then we have our full anatomy scan next week and will get to see him again (he will be the size of a cantaloupe then).

I have been having a lot of "dizzy spells" since we got back from New Mexico and I was thinking that maybe I just was worn out from the weekend but going on day three I decided to say something today about it.  (I had a lot of these spells in 1st trimester so it hasn't really scared me to much)  Dr. Lutter said that my blood pressure was a bit low which is normal and also could be a good reason to explain the dizziness, and then talked to me a lot about things to do with my diet, what to be doing and not doing, to try to do things sitting down instead of standing for long periods.  She also ordered me to the lab to take my blood again and check on my iron and make sure my anemia wasn't acting up (which has happened in the past).  She just wanted to cover all different possibilities which makes me feel so comforted knowing that she cares enough to take the extra step and precautions for our baby!  She has turned out to be such a wonderful blessing as a  Doctor for as scared as I was to go to a military Dr was silly of me I should have known and trusted that God had it all under control from day 1. I actually suggested to a girl that is about 9 weeks prego at the marriage retreat (Ashley Fowler) to go be seen by her because we have been so happy with her and she hadn't been assigned an OBGYN yet! So hopefully they are just as pleased with Dr. Lutter as we are!
Dr. Lutter even asked if baby was named yet :) Little does she know he has been named long before he was even conceived!

What a great day hearing my little mans heart beat ---Love him and cant wait to hold him--- God is Great! We are Blessed!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

19 Weeks

May 8, 2012
Week 19
Pregnancy Highlights: 
Baby Size: 6inches Mango 8 oz
Maternity Clothes: Nope and Hope to Avoid for as long as possible
Stretch Marks: Nope and Hope to Avoid
Gender Predictions:  It is a BOY!
Movement: Yes still no big kicks but lots of movement ALWAYS on the left side ever since the beginning
Sleep:  Lots of tossing and turning; restless lately with achy back and legs
What I miss: No longer wearing a two piece swimsuit tank bikini it is
Food Cravings/Food Aversions: A bit picky about my foods this week not that I’m having food aversions but just hard to find what sound/tastes good
Symptoms: tired and achy after a lot of activity this weekend headache too
Weight Gain:  Overall just three pounds still
Emotions:  a bit sentimental and irritated
Belly Button: Inny
Best Moment this week:  We had a marriage retreat and went fishing in Ruidoso New Mexico, daddy talked about how excited he was to take baby boy on his first fishing trip:)
What I’m looking forward to:
What I’m NOT looking forward to:
Milestone: almost halfway there! Worked on organizing baby room more –considering we are still going to have to store some stuff in there. ALSO found bumper pad at Target and a lady to make the other pieces for a good price from material that I pick out! J IM SO EXCITED ---blues, teal, lime green
Labor signs: 21 more weeks
Week 19 Picture:

Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Recap -Ruidoso New Mexico

We had another marriage retreat this weekend in Ruidoso New Mexico.
We had so much fun last time that we where both pretty excited to go to this one.
We arrived Friday late afternoon and checked in.  This time we where staying in awesome condos (full kitchen, living room, very roomy)
We headed to a local grocery store to get some snacks and drinks for the weekend.
Then we had a night session and dinner (the food was better this time too catered by a restaurant that we wanted to try last time we where there but couldn't find
There was a lot more couples that rocky knew or knew of this time which was nice
That night his coworker Lewis, his wife, and daughter hung out in our condo for a little while

The next day we had two morning sessions and breakfast
We then drove up to Lake Bonita (10 minutes away)
we have started to plan a trip up there to go camping this summer

We headed back to eat lunch and then Lewis family and us where going to this other "lake" that rented poles and whatever fish you caught they would clean and you could take, HOWEVER, it wants really a lake it was a pond in this guys backyard and there was trash everywhere and NOT appealing SSSSOOOO we opted out of doing that.  The Lewis family went to a movie and Rocky and I headed to Wal Mart to buy fishing poles and license to go fishing back up at Lake Bonita.  We had ZERO luck and didn't catch anything but it was so peaceful out there int he wilderness with green all around us and a big body of water.  I do not know the last time I got to fish and Rocky LOVES to fish so it was a really great time!!! So relaxing and a great reminder of how great and amazing God is.  His creations are so beyond astonishing

That night we ate dinner, walked through town, and got some ice cream (that we didn't need after already having cheesecake for dessert with dinner hahah but we couldn't resist ----we tried to get foot massages BUT the store closed)   Lots and lots of statues in town baby and I liked this one (18 weeks 5 days)

One of the houses in town had pet deer :)

Then we headed back to the condos and built a fire outside, three other couples that Rocky knew of but didnt really know came over and and where playing beer pong by us and so it was nice to meet some other young couples.  Rocky was kind of in a indifferent mood so it was hard to tell if he was really enjoying it or not BUT we are really not going to meet anyone if we do not try.  We have best friends not what we are looking for I just think it would really be nice to have some good couples with similar interests to hang out with and interact with.

The next day we had another morning session and breakfast then headed back out for some more fishing.  Again NO LUCK hahahah we fished for a total of around 5-6 hours total this weekend EVERYONE around us caught fish but NOT US hahahah
Still like I said it was worth being out in the wilderness, with my boo, doing something he loves and I especially enjoy.
Overall great weekend was sad to come back to el paso (SAND) and cant wait to go back and camp!!!
Very exhausted after long weekend and my body is telling me to rest today!
Physical on Wednesday with Dr. Lutter (prolly gained 20 pounds with all that great food this weekend)

Less then 4 weeks until I get to go home!!!!!!!!!!! :) I CANT WAIT ... and so pumped for baby showers x2

My girlfriend Sammi gets here in about a week and a half and im beyond excited about that as well

Hubs 25th Birthday

Happy 25th Birthday that he FINALLY got to celebrate after many years of "sober" not so much celebrating since he was probably about 21 hahah

Getting ready to head over to the pool for the afternoon 
Me in my two piece REALLY need to invest in a tank bikini to cover up this baby bump :) 

Then out to the bars (cockpit his favorite of course)!
Then we ate at toro burger.
Got some Tropical snow snowcones and 
watched amazing race.

They where NOT sober when all was said and done and hubs was very slow, sleepy, and ready for it to be night and time for bed when he woke up that monday morning to go home.
Mama Joy headed back to Iowa 
Was so nice to have her here last weekend and especially to celebrate with Rocky! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

18 Weeks

May 1, 2012
Week 18
Pregnancy Highlights: 
Baby Size: 5 ½ inches sweet potato 5 oz+ in weight
Maternity Clothes: Nope and Hope to Avoid for as long as possible
Stretch Marks: Nope and Hope to Avoid
Gender Predictions:  IT’S A BOY!!!! Surprise gender reveals we were not suppose to know for a few more weeks!! The Doppler was broke and she had to use the ultrasound AKA we got to see his little parts J
Movement: Yes—And daddy felt him once too!
Sleep: Doing good usually so pooped from the day
What I miss: I can no longer see my toes
Food Cravings:  The usual—Pickles, crackers, cheese, veggies, ice cream, CAKE(only new one)
Food Aversions: NONE J
Symptoms: constipation, achey legs/back
Weight Gain: +3 according to dr office this week
Belly Button: INNY
Best Moment this week:  SO MANY!!!! 1. Finding out the sex 2. Daddy getting to feel baby boy move on his birthday 3. Grandma joy was visiting 4. Crib is up and Rocker is bought
What I’m looking forward to:  My baby showers next month, getting gifts for baby boy, and getting his room all together!
What I’m NOT looking forward to: Well obviously all the body changes hahah I just hope I stay at a slow steady pace aka NO STRETCH MARKS
The belly has grown an inch (37” now) in 4 days the last time we measured it
Labor signs: 22 weeks to go!!!
Week 18 Picture: