Monday, February 11, 2013

4 months

Well since Daddy left for Louisiana for JRTC we came back to Iowa and had to push your 4 month checkup to when we get back in a month since they will not do your shots any earlier then EXACTLY 4 months.  As much as I am happy to not have to put your little self through shots right now the procrastination knowing that they have to happen eventually doesn’t really make it any better.  But I do not have any stats except that you are a growing boy.  We think you weigh about 15 lbs. and are definitely still a long baby but not sure how long these days.  We will have to wait until next month to see.  You are fitting a lot of your nephews hand me down 6 and even a lot of their 9 month clothes.  We have also moved you up to size 3 diapers.  2 where beginning to get a little snug on that big belly of yours. And those big feet just keep growing you can wear size 2 and a lot of 3s now too! You are finding them and playing with them too!
You have literally taken off this month and I am not even sure where to begin.  I know understand why 3 months is a milestone because since then you have learned all sorts of things. You are no longer an “infant” and are starting to do big boy stuff and you like it.  We got back from Christmas in Iowa and you started to grab at all your toys which was so cool to see.  You would touch things and grab them, however, Mommy could do without the hair pulling that you decided you like to do.  (Mommy cut her hair and you still get a hold of it.)  You are learning so fast smart little man.  You showed interest in rolling over on January 5.  But you would just get to your side and then hang out.  Daddy kept warning you that you had better figure it out before he left so he wouldn’t miss anything and sure enough you did.  January 22, 2013 you rolled belly to back.  (Which is ironic that it was the same day one year earlier that we got a positive on a pregnancy test that we were expecting you!)  You had figured out within days how to do belly to back after that BUT you don’t always remember that you know how to do it and will get “stuck”.  You push yourself up so good now too and look around like Mr big stuff.  Also love your entertainment exersaucer even more then before now that you can actually play and not just “play” with your toys!!! You will get excited and bounce sometimes and you LOVE the mirror on it and any mirror.  Like to look at yourself (I think you get that from Daddy)
You are constantly chewing on your hands and your fingers more and more.  I am not sure if you are teething but you naw on your thumb all the time and are beginning to learn to suck on it so mommy may have to try giving you the pacifier again and see if you like it now.  I can take your pacifier away later on but your thumb I can’t!
You are one ticklish little man and we can really get you laughing now!
You are still a fake cougher
You are losing hair and you have the funniest line of missing hair on the back of your head.  It looks like you wear a ball cap all the time and it has warn all the hair away hahaha
Becoming an expert flier! You might just fly more in the first year of life then your whole life!
You have the strongest legs and love to be in a standing position on our laps and you try your hardest to sit up but your back is not quite strong enough and then you get so hunched over that you make your tummy hurt.
LOVE LOVE LOVE that you hold my finger while you eat it is just the best feeling and melts my heart! It really is the little things OH and that BIG smile that’s not so little and it melts my heart too.

HUGE improvement with your tear ducts.  Really only have problems with your left one now.

Since we have been home you have become a little snuggler in Mommies bed! you do not like the pack n play and this is about the only way you will sleep!
I think you are beginning to teeth as well as have your first little cold so that is not helping either!! 
Missing Daddy 

Your cousin Emmett was born February 4, 2013 almost exactly 4 months apart from one another.  So excited to get to watch you two grow, play, and learn together.