Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Recap

4 day weekend for the hubby!!! What to do? What to do?
We where dedicating this weekend to the last long weekend before baby boy gets here 
A weekend full of dates enjoying the small things that everyone says you dont understand how much you appreciate them until after kids 
and yada yada yada 
SO we where going to attempt! 
Fill the weekend with dates 
and love every minute of just the two of us 
full attention on one another 
We started the weekend with a free concert on Ft Bliss --Karmin
Whom I think are so fun and was excited about however the hubs had never heard of them but he ended up liking it!!! WAHOO
She is so cute and has a rockin body! LEGS FOR DAYS I tell you 
We Got Root Beer Floats, cuddled, and listening to them jam away!

Friday we had full intentions to do something 1. go to the Diablos game with fireworks afterwards or 2. the dirt track races 
it just didn't happen 
We instead enjoyed time at home being lazy 
we neither one wanted to get dressed or do anything 
We went to blockbusters and rented a few movies 
had some popcorn and laid low
(the OPPOSITE of what the intentions for the weekend was suppose to be full of)

WE SOLD THE COUCH FINALLY we have been trying since we moved to the new place (Which i still have not posted pics from our new place WHICH may just be a soon post)
We broke even with the couches WAHOO to make it even better 
House is finally able to be organized and everything have its place since there isnt just a random couch in our dining room anymore hahahah

football football football and some more football

and all the good food that we had to have 
Party for two food for 10 (yes we had LOTS of leftovers for the week)

Appetizer: AMAZING jalapeno crescent wraps 

I never used to like anything hot spicy NOTHING I wouldn't have dreamed to even eat a jalapeno 
The joys of getting married 
and even MORE now that I'm pregnant 
I Got to use my cute Hawk Dish :) That I got from my
sister last christmas!!!

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers


Meat on top of Meat on top of MORE meat

                        Hamburger with ALL the fixins                        Grilled chicken for chicken salads this week

Hubs made breakfast, We went to church, He did homework, I cleaned,
He fixed the crib :) !!!!! 
and we knocked a few other things off the "to do before Urijah gets here" list 

Started the day with hubs making breakfast again (which he did all weekend LOVE HIM)
Then we put Urijah's carseat base into the car and ready to go!!!! 
(every step makes it more and more real)
We went to the movie 
"The Odd Life Of Timothy Green" 
It was really cute 
and then we ate some Subway walked around base 
and decided to go check out this Halloween shop that turned out to be really really cool

               CREEPY babies

We where trying on so many funny outfits (and he was gawking over the slutty outfits hahahha)
and thinking up what our family of three is going to be this year!!!! 
-super heroes 
are the top to runners right now :) 
We got lots of fun ideas for our first Halloween party when we go home though 

When we got home we did some more stuff around the house 
and played Taboo with just the two of us :) 
Actually was really really funny and I was laughing so hard!!! 
(up for three hours with contractions this night I was for sure that we jinxed ourselves by putting the carseat in the car)

Boys cheering Daddy on!! Two very proud little boys :)
 Trevor did awesome on the new car!!!!

Willie got a new tat for Urijah 

Lots of football going on back home 
Trey has his first game coming up 
Jordan and the ADM tigers have kicked off with a 2-0 start (Jordan 5 TD's in 1st game)
and Jared at Simpson
We really wish we where there that is for sure 

Nana and Jada 

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