Thursday, November 10, 2011


Yesterday was our FIRST SNOW OF THE YEAR  ......
(granite today it was almost all gone haha or a slushy sloshy mess)
BUT it came down it stayed around, didnt just melt when it hit the ground, and it was beautiful/perfect just like almost ALL first snows seems to be--- the kids at school where all so excited.  Its like it was a foreign thing that they all where so thrilled to be experiencing FINALLY, AGAIN!
as much as being cold makes me crabby, hate driving in it, and getting wet socks is by far the worse! it was still fun to watch the flakes come down and the kids get all bundled up and play in it
Snow also means
the best to top it all off
THE HUBBY'S RETURN HOME ---(i would be lying if i told you i was only excited because the whole situation has kinda made me a crazy loony crabby person lately ... i am missing him so freaking much and knowing that he is coming home but who the heck knows when is just driving me bonkers and making me pretty darn irritable :( no good for my co-workers and kiddos and i can feel it when im being that way but i just cant help it or stop it__ I WANT A DAMN DATE OF WHEN HE WILL BE BACK!!!)

Sunday, November 6, 2011


What a poop-tastic day!!!
went to bed not feeling to hot only to wake up even worse :(
we gained an hour of sleep this only happens once a year its suppose to be a good thing!!!
COME ON GOD dont you know these things??
headache. upset stomach. no energy. ears hurt. flem. chest kills! cant even take a deep breathe. so uncomfortable and achey
the chest started last night
I thought maybe it was do to the abundant amount of enhaled dust I took in yesterday as the whole family
tackled grandmas house organizing, throwing stuff away, cleaning, painting, fixing, etc.
Going to get it put on the market asap!
Was so hard being there and not having her there ...and then soon enough we will never be there because the house will be gone idk which is harder!
My stupid ass aunt acted like the whole thing was christmas and seeing what all she could get her hands on to take GGGGRRRR!!!!!!
so it is officially 7 oclock and i am in bed headed to nighty night land

hubby should be headed or heck maybe already there ---KUWAIT!
one step closer to coming home and being together WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT
I can not freaking wait
have to tell my work this week about the whole situation and how i may just have to up and be gone someday without much notice *I am an associate in a level three special ed room one on one with a kiddo*
hopefully that goes over good
just as soon as my little friend and I got to a good routine and knowing how eachother ticks : WHAM im gunna be a gonner
actually starting to love that ornery little booger
NOT TO MENTION he is learning so freaking much like LOADS AND LOADS of new ciriculum he is just taking off this week and BOOMING its seriously a very exciting thing for me to whitness --recognizing his letters, saying his letter sounds, patterning, ect.  may have taken a long while but we are GETTING THERE we are GOING PLACES :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Go figure

The search is on ....
and the hubby thoughts on coming home are very positive CONSIDERING he thinks that we should get a place come the first of December so that when he gets home we have a place
(I'm sceptical because I KNOW if we where to do that then he wouldn't end up coming home for two months or more)

any who my Nnegative Nancy news to share---
so you ask whats negative then?
there is a freaking wait list go flipping figure right?!
ggggrrrrrr the search continues
I'm trying to move on an act like its fine no big deal --but to be honest i was beyond thrilled and now im quite bummed but im not giving up!! i shall fall in love again HOPEFULLY!

HOWEVER, the mother (moms are always so smart and always know best) helped me search for hotels/motels that offer the extended stay!! surprisingly at good rates too no more then we would spend on an apartment even if we where to end up having to stay there for a whole month-- and it may be a good route for us to take so that i we can actually see our apartment before we sign in on it! or have to settle for something because it was available and in our price zone BUT then i think about money and how financially it makes more sense to start paying for an apartment rather then a temporary place to stay
decisions decisions the joys of gamble in the life of the army!
Fingers are still crossed :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Goodbye Oct

Yes it was freaking GORGEOUS here in Iowa today :) just beautiful --no coat needed!!! high of 74 degrees oh and you ask what the weather is tomorrow.......
a big ol 43 degrees with flurry's FLURRY'S seriously
what the heck
joys of IOWA WEATHER --so unpredictable you just never ever ever know!! but I wont complain to much because I really do LOVE IOWA!! GO HAWKS!!

So I have obviously not blogged in awhile ...and I'm sure according to my previous post you all can guess why....
the amazing woman i called grandma time was up and she was called home
Friday October 21,2011 at about 8am
I know she is in a better place -I know she is now pain free -I know she is always looking down on us
i didn't think i could miss the husband anymore then i did but going through all of that without him their was only harder then it already was.  I know it wouldn't have been easy with him there, but i do know that it would have helped to have him there to lean on. to hold my hand. to comfort me. to be there with all of us as one big family. 
One of the things i will always remember grandma asking "when it gets closer to the end will rocky get to come home?"  she wanted him there as much as i did and probably more for me then her
I love her and there are just no words to describe the empty whole i feel in my stomach --yet life just continues on --the visitation is over, the funeral, all the food is gone that people brought, cards are no longer coming in, flowers are dying off, AND LIFE just keeps ticking it just keeps going no one even blinks and we are just to keep up with it all
its a very odd and weird feeling

on a happy note
news today from the hubby ---he will be leaving for Kuwait on the 5th (approximately) and possibly home by mid December SAY WHAT?!?!?! WINNER WINNER WINNER (now only if this actually happens hahahaha i like to ha ha in the army's face because you can honestly NEVER EVER believe anything and if you do you are just setting yourself up for FAILURE)
however just in time to get stressed out !! hahahah ... as if money isn't tight during the holidays anyways why not throw a move across America in there too right?! hahahah quite my job, move back to TX where you have no house, no job, and your husband has no car either
and you don't have money saved up from the last year because whelp you husband didn't actually deploy for a year
okay yes I'm bitching and your thinking
"hello your husband is coming home!!!"
i know i know i know i know
and trust me I'm more excited for him to come home then a kid in a candy shop (but I'm not going to get all sappy and make you read all that because I'm not in a sappy mood I'm in a MY PLATE IS OVERFLOWING mood)
I'm just gonna roll with it --you can never have enough money anyways rite?
and life can never be planned out at least not this kinda life


so therefore with this kinda news the online shopping for a home in TX begins and let me inform you it is a freaking challenge!!! they can be so misleading its not even funny
so home first
because we are number 191 on the military list and our number isn't going to be up come December
then I will begin to search for other things like oh um A JOB

SHOUT OUT to Blue Star Kind Of LIFE : everyone should shoot some words of encouragment that girls way!! life is not easy and its amazing what words can do !!
even though i have not been blogging i have still been following blogs and seeing you quote a comment i made to you ( ) SERIOUSLY MADE MY DAY like no freaking other :)  so thank you thank you thank you
and i am thinking and praying of you often
so excited for you to go visit the hubby :)