Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Worry Worry Worry

I am so caught up in worry lately
I have a lot weighing on my mind
and I just want to get through these next few weeks
I need to talk , vent, ask questions BUT ....I cant not yet

Patience and Guidance---I need to lean on God and his understanding NOT MY OWN!!!
Put it in Gods hands that everything will be okay and work out exactly how it is suppose to

Feb 22nd can NOT come fast enough

Breathe Breathe Breathe Breathe
Pray Pray Pray Pray Pray Pray

Sunday, January 29, 2012


We became members of our church today :)
When I moved down here to Texas last january the hubs and I (was not the hubs then) tried out numerous different church's to try to find a "home" for us
It wasnt until March that we tried the Ciela Vista Church that was just down the road (from where we lived at that point)
Then I went home to plan the wedding, then rocky deployed, AND NOW
we are back ....
and will most likely both will be here for quite awhile ----and now members we become
It was fun to finally get a tour of the whole building --ITS HUGE
and even bigger then what it was when we first started to go
We are going to hopefully join a study class or two
and meet other members of the church
You may ask "what is the difference between just going or going when your a member?"
becoming a member means we are going to hold ourselves accountable
we now are members and other members will depend on us to be there and we will depend on them
(at this point we dont really know anyone as HUGE as the place is) ssssoooooo----We hope to meet others and become active in the church as well

I am so excited about our second step in our life!!
and for the record #1 is going wonderful --we are on week number two :) 
veggies fruit veggies fruit veggies fruit veggies fruit veggies fruit veggies fruit

and as far as this whole "new blogging" goes ----YES you have to CONTINUE to wait ---sad news being it will prolly be a good like um maybe 5 more weeks before it actually starts :) BUT ITS REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY EXCITING: PROMISE ( clue: I am drained at this point with it SSSSHHHH all you smart people out there hahah CANT WAIT TO SHARE and get advice too)

Friday, January 27, 2012

2012- New life- Health

SO its a new year ---and its going to be a very exciting one at that !!!
There is going to be a lot of changes in this family for sure
Like I said in an earlier post me and the hubs went home for 26 days and we ate like CRAP the whole time
it was actually kinda even disgusting hahahaha; yes partially can be blamed on the holidays but prolly also just blame it on being on a 26 day vacation---not to mention: We drank A TON!!! i mean A TON A TON A TON
SO on our 20 hour ride back we started to research cleanses to start
we found the "master cleanse"  aka lemonade diet
and we where set on doing that
HOWEVER, sunday night our minds where changed (for the better of course)
ssssooo this week it has been a lot of intake of veggies and fruits
and hardly anything else (the hubs is craving a huge cheesburger and he has done so good this week so we are going to treat ourselves)
BUT our lifestyles has changed
Looking up different HEALTHY recipes today
anyone know of any good sites??
or recipes period??
LOVE to hear about some

so step one of our new life in 2012

I even started yoga today YOGA!!!!! does anyone else do yoga??? i think i may love but i just dunno yet!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

new blogging --soon

November 10th really? was that REALLY the last time i blogged --man does time just fly or what?!?!
life got crazy and hectic and i knew i was putting the blogging world on hold for awhile but honestly has it been that long?!?!
its already 2012 and baby oh baby have times changed since then!!!!!!!!!!
we have had a lot of new and exciting news happen since then
as well has the hussle and bussle of the holidays
that is what originally put the whole world (not just blogging but EVERYTHING/EVERYONE) on hold
November 27th we both arrived in Texas and where reunited after just 5 months NOT 12 woot woot we are the lucky ones that is for sure and i still pray everyday for those who are still seperated by distance and even more for the families of those who have served the ulitmate sacrifice.  Thankful and blessed everyday-every second to have my man home safe and in my arms.
we where back in texas until the 23rd of december and then hurried home with the father in law to make it to the midwest in time for christmas eve with the family :)
Home for 26 days and trust me we DID NOT want to come back ...
but now REALITY--this girl needs a job thats for sure .... ill take all the prayers one can get
this blog is about to get used a lot a lot a lot more
because i have something very new to start blogging about
i "decided" last night !!!!!!!!!
but for now....
ill keep you waiting  EEK EEK EEK
welcome back how you have been missed!!!! :)