Wednesday, October 3, 2012

40 weeks

October 2, 2012
Week 40
Pregnancy Highlights: 
Baby Size: 19 – 22 inches small pumpkin 6-9 lbs
Maternity Clothes: yes but mainly just comfy pj/sports attire
Stretch Marks: Nope and Hope to Avoid
Gender Predictions: BOY
Movement: yes your butt is still about at my belly button and your feet are a kickin
Sleep: Not as well these days up a lot to pee and then have a hard time getting back to sleep
What I miss: well now that we are to your due date and you are not here!! I am very bummed –I really didn’t even think we would make it to October and here we are on your due date and still not holding you
Missing the anticipation of getting to your due date thinking for sure I would be holding you by now
Your daddy informed me “you know the longer you keep him in there the bigger he is getting right?” Silly man!! I am trying to be patient knowing you and God have the perfect plan however its getting harder and harder each and every day
So anxious and excited for your arrival
To hold you
To play with your fingers, toes, and nose
To smell you
To see what you look like
HURRY UP!!!!!!!! Your eviction notice was today! 40 weeks was all I agreed for little one
Food Cravings: sweets still but my appetite is not as big these days not near as hungry!
Food Aversions: Nope still golden
Symptoms: We have been walking like crazy walk walk walk walk
Grandma Robin got here on Saturday and I think we have tried everything hahah
Pedicures, spicy food, pressure point massage
We are getting desperate and we know it! hahah
Weight Gain: +29
Emotions: anxious, excited, nervous, impatient, tired, and just plain READY
Belly Button: outy unless im having a contraction then it’s a weird inny/flat –makes my belly look like a butt in the front with a shirt over it hahaha
Best Moment this week: My mom getting here!
Watching your daddy be so anxious and excited for your arrival already
What I’m looking forward to: pregnancy to be over and my boy to be in my arms
Milestone: WE ARE FULL TERM! Doesn’t get any fuller
Labor signs: contractions nothing consistent
Sore hips
Week 40 Picture:

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  1. you look great for being 40 weeks pregnant!