Sunday, April 1, 2012

1st Trimester Symptoms

We FINALLY are through the first trimester

Overall the first trimester was really good ---I had the normal symptoms but didn't have any morning sickness at all! BLESSED I know --some girls on the sights I had been on where begging to be sick just so they could feel pregnant NOT ME I hate puking and thank God that I didn't have to go through that everyday like some mommies to be get the joys of going through.
First Trimester Symptoms:
I was completely exhausted all the time, dizzy/light headed, sore HUGE boobies (the hubby didnt mind this part), minor stomach cramps, bloated, and TONS of food aversions with no appetite really.
Only thing I craved was Panda Express YUMMY fried rice was so good and I would be completely okay if this craving continues through the whole pregnancy as it tastes delicious more then normal :)
I did get sick ONE TIME and that was due to a food aversion
 I blame my husband hahah not really but it was sorta kinda really his fault
I woke up and laid in bed for awhile and then decided it was time for breakfast --I asked the hubby what he wanted and he said a breakfast burrito
SO I went down stairs and started to cook--The second I opened the bacon I was like UH GAG ME so I was definitely NOT going to have bacon on my burrito but I was still going to be nice and cook it for his.  I had the eggs and bacon both going and kept having to walk away from the stove as often as I could because the smell was so horrific I was actually start to get light headed and nauseous.  Finally I was starting to black out I turned the burners off and barely made it to the couch--was there for two seconds and was then in the bathroom yacking :( BLAH  (see it was sorta kinda really HIS fault ha ha )
This was thankfully the only time I had to go through this
There was a few other blacking out moments HOWEVER it didn't end with puking

We are past MOST of these symptoms and overall I have no complaints about this pregnancy and this little peanut growing big and strong inside of me.  I know that God is protecting us both and helping us through this blessed time one day at a time and I'm trying to not forget everyday how amazing this feeling and privilege is that God is letting woman experience. Letting me experience motherhood!!!


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