Thursday, April 5, 2012

1 YEAR down many more to come

Rocky and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary yesterday and I must say it is crazy to think it was a year ago that we made the commitment to one another for life!!!
I would go back and do it again and again and again and again
One of the best decisions and life changing events of my life

waking up to a text:
"Happy Anniversary! cant believe we have been married one whole year!! First of many to come...looking forward to growing old with you"
Well that can only start to explain to you how lucky of a girl I am!!!
My husband truly does have the sweetest side and knows how to make me feel so special

He got a grill  :) kinda a combo of anniversary and birthday present (april 29th) as well as a bottle of Templeton Rye that my mom snuck down to me (made in Iowa and they don't ship to Texas)
And I got a pair of red toms :)!!!! LOVEEEE and some Panda Express (that may have been more for baby then me but my taste buds sure did enjoy it!!!)

This will be our one and only anniversary without a third member of our family :)
less then 6 weeks till we get to find out the gender of our baby
and I have been watching Gender Revealing Youtube videos and crying !!! hahahah Im so excited to find out

P.s. I dont think I have said this yet BUT all the silly Gender tests that we have done so far = GIRL!!!!!!!!
and I have caught Hubs referring to baby as she/girl more often then not lately ....SCORE

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  1. Happy One Year! All of my gender tests said girl and they were both right!