Sunday, April 1, 2012

1st Ultrasound

Friday March 23rd 
A life changing experience
Peanut it perfect in every way possible!! My heart was overfilled with joy watching him/her on the screen.  And then to hear the heartbeat filled my eyes with tears of pure happiness!!!  I can not believe God has blessed us with this opportunity to be parents to this precious little gift.  She/He is my everything already and I cant not wait to show u the world baby, teach you, watch daddy interact with you, and guide you through Gods world :)

There is just one baby, Meet Baby Foster!!

The little peanut was moving all over the screen
It was so incredible bouncing everywhere --curling up, stretching out, upside down, doing flips INCREDIBLE

I think maybe she is a little lady :) crossing her legs already 
But the hubs is going with what the Dr Lutter said : BOY based solely on the fact that I have been having dreams of boys and she says it always seems the most active ones seem to be boys.
We will find out the truth in a few weeks ---MAY 15th!!

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