Sunday, April 1, 2012

Family in March :)

March 20, 2012
Rocky went into surgery this morning and everything went good. It took two hours which was a lot longer then I anticipated and I was very relieved when he was out of surgery.  I filled the time with pacing, lots of bathroom breaks, writing in my journal, and watching the news that was on tv.  


Luckily the family second flight was delayed (or else I would not have been there when rocky got out of and into the recovery room) 
As soon as he got upstairs to his second recovery room, I headed to the airport to pick up my loves!!! 
This was their first time flying and they did GREAT (this picture was taking when they where leaving Des Moines at 6am in the morning so excuse their cute little pj's I didnt pick them up in this)
I had on a hoody to hide my little bump I had started to rock and they didnt notice at all. 
Brought them all back to our place just in time for Rocky to tell me that they where ready to release him.  So I headed right back to the hospital first to the pharmacy to get his drugs (lots of them at that) and then to pick him up.  


As soon as we got back to our house I was dying to spill the beans --and the hubby was coherent which was the one thing that I wanted to make sure of, He was doing so much better then I expected.
So he video with my phone while I spilled the news 
We where talking about making something to eat as an early dinner since after the long day of travels the boys prolly would have to call it an early night.  So I was whispering in their ears different things we could eat and then they would ask grandma, mom, and trey if they wanted that particular food.  Tucker was a little giggle monster during it all which made it even better!!!
"do you want spagetti?"
"do you want garlic bread?" 
"do you want mushrooms?" 
Then I said "Tell grandma aunt lu lu has a baby in her tummy"
he looks at me "what"
I then repeat
and he says "why" 
and I repeat it again and he says "no" 
then I say "yes do it" 
so then he walks over to grandma (my mom) and tells her "umm lu lu has a baby in her tummy" 
my moms response "she does? You do?"  "oh my gosh your telling us like this" "bailey did you hear that" "tell mommy" 
(bailey my sister was a little out of it and tired from the trip haahha and oblivious to what was happening)

We then sent my dad the picture message and he called "I bet that was hard to keep"
And we skyped Trevor and before he could even get on the screen tucker was telling him about the baby in lu lu's belly --he then continued with telling him there was two babys, one girl, and one boy. OH LORDY 
and he wasnt the only one talking this twin talk!!! 
Mom was astonished when I showed her my belly and how much I was showing already.
We got a text from Willie (rocks dad ) saying "I have examined the picture more and I definetly think that lindsey is either farther along or having twins" 
and when we first told his Mom and Nana they responded with what will you do if you are having more then one???!!!!
We find out Friday!!!

back to hubs 
Rocking the soft cast and the out of control beard!! :) 
Man am I going to be sorry when we get out of the Army and he has no reason to shave or cut his hair 
"Hippy at Heart"
AND THEN ........
His arm a week later when we they took his soft cast off 
Disgusting I KNOW :( Sorry 

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