Tuesday, April 3, 2012


We had a GREAT weekend best one the two of us have had together in awhile and I enjoyed every minute of it!!
1. We went to the fort bliss widesales and got some GREAT deals at the garage sales!  AS WELL as bought our first baby items.

  • Dresser-for our closet
  • Rocky got a pair of shorts
  • Rocky got two movies and we got a movie for baby
  • Sac of newborn diapers
  • Sac of neutral color onsies, hat, and couple pair of pants
  • dishwasher basket for bottles
ALL FOR $16 dollars!!!!! :)

2.  We got offered Military housing last week and after weighing all the pros and cons about getting out of our town home lease and the unexpected and unknowns of the new house we decided that we where going to just stay put WHICH I GUESS made us realize weather we like that or not this is "home" for the next 17 months and we started to do some stuff around it that we had talked about doing for awhile as well as starting to make room for baby :)

3. We get to Paint!!!! :) after making this decision we went in and asked the office what there policy was about painting and as long as we paint it back to a pretty neutral beige color before we move out its no problem.  I AM SO EXCITED!!!! (i'm not so sure the hubs is and i'm trying to not get to carried away however the fact that I will at least get to paint my nursery is beyond exciting to me)

4. Belly is growing!!!! :) which makes me excited to know baby is growing too!

5. We stopped at a few Goodwills and we got 9 baby books for $12 another steal!! :)

6. We have started to plan my baby showers!! My Sister is going to do our size, Rocky's Aunt is going to do one for their side, and my amazing two friends are going to do a mail shower for all my girlfriends.  I am so thankful and excited for all of this!!! ONLY getting to be home for a week it will be nice to not fill three of those days with showers as excited as I am to celebrate them all!! ALSO excited that I will only be 24 weeks and not 34 and HUGE EVERYWHERE  ha ha :) that isnt the plan by 34 weeks but you just never know with the toddler size baby we are probably going to have (we where both in the 8lb + when we where born)

Do you guys have any cute themes ideas for baby showers that you have attended and LOVED? or that you did for your babies?

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  1. I am so excited for you! Get on Pinterest and start looking at baby shower ideas! That place is like party idea central!