Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sharing Our Blessing -inlaws

These are old post that I am just now getting published 
So that down the line when I forget these things I can reference back!! 
(sorry if its weird to you but these are kinda just for me and to inform you about the last few weeks of life)

March 19, 2012
11 weeks 6 days along 

We do not go to the Dr until Friday the 23rd so we where not going to tell family until after that HOWEVER my mom, sister, littlest brother, and 2 nephews all get here tomorrow and there is NO WAY I can be around my mom and sister and not say anything OR them know!!!
So tonight we called rockys dad, mom, step dad, nana, and brother through skype all seperate and while skyping (and video-ing our skype) we sent them a picture message of the picture above.  I loved this because we got to see all their reactions even though we where not there in Iowa!!! 
They where all shocked and happy! 
Dad "GET OUT--Lindsey show me your belly"
Mom "aaahhh what is this?? hahaha"
Levi "yelling yelling and yelling some more"
Nana --5 min after the conversation had begun "so you mean this is for real"

I was baking monster cookies and banana bread 
and got so distracted that I burnt the banana bread to a crisp!!!! oops

Telling Rocky's family made me even more anxious to tell my family

Rocky has surgery tomorrow and the family arrives too!!!

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