Tuesday, April 24, 2012

17 Weeks

April 24, 2012
Week 17
Pregnancy Highlights: 
Baby Size: 5 inches onion 5 (or more) oz
Maternity Clothes: Nope and Hope to Avoid for as long as possible
Stretch Marks: Nope and Hope to Avoid
Gender Predictions:  Sticking with girl still
Movement: Yes just random flutters but nothing regular.  Last night was the first “big” one and look forward to more
Sleep: Still not too bad but just lots of tossing and turning and back aches
What I Miss: Iowa hard to be away and not be able to experience this everyday journey with our families
Food Cravings:  VEGGIES, chicken wraps (Patricks chicken wrap in Iowa which I can’t have), pickles, cheese, Juice(struggling with water but doing good with Gatorade and lemonade)
Food Aversions: Over this I think EXCEPT still not liking to ‘cook’ meat
Symptoms:  Just achey can’t sit in a position to long before tailbone, back, or sides hurt.
Weight Gain: still in my normal fluctuating weight of 5lbs and have not been 1lb more
Emotions: No crazy prego lady this week at least
Belly Button: INNY
Best Moment this week:  really enjoying the facebook October mommies group and going through this experience together
What I’m looking forward to: FRIDAY- Dr appointment and the mother in law will be in town can’t wait to hear the heartbeat again
What I’m NOT looking forward to: Body getting even more uncomfortable BUT not going to complain because I do know this is the best blessing I could ever ask from God and I am so grateful that I am able to carry this child inside of me as they grow and develop.
Milestone: Baby can now swallow, suck, and blink
Labor signs: 23 more weeks
Week  17 Picture:

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