Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend ALONE Recap

SO the hubs headed to Iowa for the weekend to surprise his younger brother for his big fight this weekend
(hopefully this link works ---I HONESTLY need to attend a class to learn how to be a fancy blogger for your entertainment, however, this gets what I need done aka venting and posting my life events to look back upon someday so sorry for being non-fancy ha ha)

ANYWAYS---He was very surprised and I am so glad that the hubs got to go home and see all of the family and enjoy some "real" time again. "Real" time you might ask, What the heck???
But our "real" life is in Iowa ...Our hearts are there, our love is there, ALL our family is there, and we want to be there more then anything!!! 16 more months until we officially will be out of the army and headed home (maybe not completely unattached from the service world aka reserves BUT being with our friends and family is where we need to be and to be completely honest I am proud of my soldier from not wanting to give up his service completely but even more proud of him that he is willing (his wants are involved too) to go back to Iowa where he will make his wife a hundred percent more fulfilled

SO without me even saying you can assume how sad and jealous I was that he was getting to go back to Iowa for the weekend (he really wanted to take me and I will get my chance in June which can NOT come fast enough)
1.) Got my hair cut and colored--it has been 6 months and my hair was way over due to say the least PLUS I am obsessed with coloring my hair I have had every color and waiting this long aka being poor has been killing me
Before: dont judge I said it was bad!!!!

3 inches be gone and not a faded red nasty color later=

It is a ton shorter (to me it feels that way I know in reality it isn't a huge difference) 
I love it and its the first person in Tx to do my hair so over all I was happy with it and it looks a lot healthier

2. Babysat for two dogs for my girlfriend who was out of town for a wedding ---Yappy Little Things hahaha

3. Pedicure---Much needed and the massage was best part as always!! Refreshed and Relaxing

4. Church : about fear do I wish the hubs had attended that service with me.  Our Pastor directed a lot of the service towards men and their thinking of providing for families as top priority! Which effects decisions for the future  (missing out bc of fear)  instead of relying on our Father who will always provide and who knows our problems before we even realize/pray about them.  A great lesson! The next 7 weeks are all about life directed lessons (aren't they always) 

and man oh man do I feel a whole lot better and a bit more relaxed
EVEN though it was not a fun experience to do alone
I didnt want the hubs to go, I had reasoning, but I did ask to make sure he didn't "want" to but was really not wanting him to go as i knew it would just add stress to me
1. he is a bit impatient and I knew it would take a long while with lots of decisions and lets just say i'm pretty darn indecisive!
2. wedding registry he HAD to have the "gun"---as funny and comical as the event was it was not going to be as funny when it came to the needs of our baby hahaha

I wished that my Mom was here to help more then ever!!!!! I know everything can be changed, deleted, added BUT it was the fact that it suppose to be a really special event : One that my mom wouldn't have missed if we where even remotely close in distance : One I never dreamed I would have done without her
However I know that I am a big girl and I really need to just get use to it because being in Tx has brought and will bring a ton more events like this that I dreamed she would be a part of and cant (like maybe possibly the delivery I hope she makes it but its unpredictable who knows if it will happen that way)
Saying lots of prayers and I know that I will have God and the Father of my child right by my side and I shouldn't ask for anything more as I am already more then blessed

pick the hubster up at the air port in the morning cant wait to squeeze and love on him
funny how just a few days makes you go insane without one another

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