Friday, March 30, 2012


So I had to stop blogging because I only had BABY -yes I said BABY-- on my mind and I was already getting to close to spilling the beans to this blogging world out there!!! :) and I just didn't know if that was a great idea ---I do not think I know anyone (as of now) that follow my blog HOWEVER you just never know what creepers one might have out there hahah
anyways back to the TOPIC---
WE ARE HAVING A BABY yes its true
God has blessed us with the biggest blessing and gift we could ever be given
I would be lying to say it feels pretty unreal still

To start from the beginning ......
We where home on leave for 26 days (over the holidays)
Towards the end of being in Iowa I started to not feel good but I just thought it was a cold, So I started in on the good drugs for cold and sinus.
On our way back down to good ol El Paso Texas we started to talk about how we are going to change our eating habits, live a healthier lifestyles, AS WELL as jump start it with a a cleanse
However I was just having a feeling (considering while reading about the cleanse we where going to start it said WARNING DO NOT PARTICIPATE IF PREGNANT
So I told Rocky that we needed to be responsible and get a test just in case before we started the cleanse
We where not going to start the cleanse until that following Monday
January 22,2012
So we had got all of the to start our cleanse and then it was Sunday night  (my period wasn't suppose to start until that following wed so that was not part of the concern it was just this feeling I had) So I said "babe we really need to go get a test before we start tomorrow" his response "well grab your shoes lets go get one quick"  (I had been looking up fun ways to spill the news to Daddy those couple days before hahah SNEAKY)
On our way to get the test hubby turns to me and says "don't build up a reaction in your head of how I will react to the news if we are pregnant! because I don't know how I will respond but I don't want you to take it like I am not excited or anything like that because I will be happy and excited I just don't know for sure how my initial reaction is going to actually be"
I couldn't help but laugh in my head at how prepared he was making himself
(maybe we both had a hunch it was real)
So when we get home he says "go pee on that damn stick"
So I head upstairs
I pee on the stick (for those of you who do not know 2 stripes your prego 1 stripe you are not)
Well.... 1 stripe shows up .... and I cant help but feel a bit disappointed I was just for sure that I was pregnant
you always hear "I just had that mother intuition" well I THOUGHT I had that but I guess I was wrong
I wash my hands and continue to watch the stick and THEN -----
WHAT I KNEW IT AAAAHHHHH stomach drops, kinda start to shake, disbelief fills my head, my heart is over joyed and I am just in utter shock ---I knew it I knew it I knew it
But for those of you have not taken a test before the second line is actually quite a ways away from the first line making it very tricky!! It fooled me that is for sure
come downstairs WELL?????
"I couldn't even pee"
Then he looks over at me :)
3weeks 5 days 

We couldn't tell anyone we where expecting until we where through the first trimester (the hubs didn't really realize that's how it would work and that we had to stay quite for 9 more weeks THIS WAS GOING TO BE HARD!) 

We have made it past the the 9 weeks wait and the BIG NEWS has spread :)



  1. totally called it ;) congrats!!!

  2. YAY!! Congratulations!!!

  3. @Krista I had to delete your comment you smarty pants :) hahahah I got scared heehee

  4. haha i figured you might delete it if i was right, i am like 4 for 5 in guessing people's pregnancies, im just really good. you werent that obvious though, im just a uterus psychic.