Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend Recap

So the hubs 4 day weekend turned into a three day weekend BOO!!!
He got called into work for 24 hour duty today however the weekend was a good weekend while it lasted
But at least he is working with a guy he actually likes his company and not someone else, always a benefit to helping the time go by faster.  We met for his lunch break and I am going to take him in some dinner tonight too so I am glad I get to see him!

We did a lot of grilling which was planned and all turned out amazing cant wait to do more this week before he leaves me for the weekend!!!

Some Pictures to make you Drool: 

It was such a good Friday night after Good Friday Service and really made us miss Iowa and the bonfires (the grill was hardly a bonfire hahah), camping trips, lakes, marshmallows, hot dogs, all the above with friends and family but the night was as perfect as it could get! The hubby Had a few Templeton Ryes!!
Was a Great Night Together and I Truly am Blessed To Have Him in My Life!


Got these puppies in the mail finally and I am so so so happy ---Only wished I had one in every color :) 
P.s. It was cheaper to Order for all you Tom lovers I found a $5 off coupon online which eliminated shipping costs ---and for all you people who don't know about Toms you should PROBABLY invest you don't know what your missing out on!! The little Toms are darling I might add!

The countdown is on.... OK its been on ---
5 more weeks 
Got my girlfriend Jess a baby gift (she is having a little girl within the next couple weeks) and cant help but state that girls are MUCH more fun to shop for SO SO SO much cute stuff on the clearance racks compared to the boys racks!! 

Easter wasnt quite a typical Easter for us --but a holiday away from all the family is never "typical" but we make due!!
Church was so packed that we where in an overflow room upstairs watching the service on a big screen!  The service was great and I walked away feeling even more blessed then I did before!! There where some amazing stories told both Friday/Sunday and I couldn't help but analyze my life with an overwhelming feeling of grace and love! Our God Is So Good! Without Him We Are Nothing!!
We finished off our Easter with some lots of cleaning and lounging (watching a movie, reading, and hubs doing homework)

Happy Monday To All!


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