Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Friday the 27th we where suppose to just have a regular appointment (pee in a cup, blood work, hear the heartbeat, talk, etc) at 9:50 am 17 weeks 3 days
Dr. Lutter's doppler was broken so she had to use the ultrasound machine
We where suppose to still have 2.5 weeks until we knew
Rocky kept saying "maybe she will just hook u up to the ultrasound since the machine is right there" and I kept telling him "it was only right there bc they knew last time they where doing an ultrasound, They will just use doppler and listen to their heartbeat" he said this numerous times with different reasons why she would maybe just do an ultrasound (all not being reasons a dr would actually use the machine)
I am shocked to say the least!!! its broken!!! really!!!! We are going to know the sex TODAY!!!! really?????
I was excited dont get me wrong but I was very NOT prepared to say the least
I didnt get a "last day" without knowing ; I got a "last minute"
Rocky was jumping up and down practically he was so excited (plus he was right hahaha)
and his Mom was there with us too (I was happy she was going to get to see little Baby Foster, But I really was really not prepared for her to be there with us when we found out the gender, I also wasn't prepared to know the sex TODAY, nor did I know how I was going to tell the rest of the family what we where having)

So Dr. Lutter comes in --im kinda sweaty and I have butterflys of excitement... I WAS GOING TO KNOW WHAT WAS GROWING INSIDE OF ME we where going to know what our first child is


Pretty much THE SECOND she put the machine onto my belly
Rocky "Is that a penis?"
She doesnt say anything she just smiles and starts fiddling with the machine and then
starts typing "ITS A ....."
waits puts and aarow on the screen

WE ARE HAVING A BOY!!!!!!!!!!! :)
My eyes filled with tears (and I think Grandma Joy's did too)
Daddy had the biggest grin on his face
It was such a proud and surreal moment in life, It was perfect, Baby BOY is healthy!!!
God has blessed us so much this year


It is Tuesday now and I still dont think it has Completely sunk in yet!!!
There is a penis in my tummy "whoever doesnt believe that woman can do anything is CRAZY we can grow a penis for goodness sakes" hahahah

As we are leaving the Dr office Daddy and another car backed into each other!! minimal damage to both cars, more of just scratches ---but thats one way to start the celebration --GOODNESS!!!!!!!

We then went to get pedicures and daddy went to work for a little bit

Since Dad got to tell all of his family a day before we told my side of the family  that we where pregnant with peanut
I wanted to tell all of my side the gender first
I knew everyone was going to be SO SURPRISED considering noone knew it was coming today
I first called Grandpa Martin right when we left the dr appointment he was at work (he guessed girl)
Then I ordered blue flowers and a balloon for him to pick up and take home to surprise Grandma Robin and Uncle Trey when he got off work
Then I text Trevor, He was on his way to a track meet (he guessed girl)
It was a llllooooonnnnngggggg wait and then it was finally 5 o'clock and Grandpa was headed home
(I had text Aunt Bailey to call when she got out of work but she didnt call till she got home so she was the last to find out)

I called Grandma Robin and was talking non nonchalantly
when Grandpa walked in with the flowers and balloons "its a boy"
Grandma "did you have a baby today dear?"
Grandpa (i am sure with a shitty grin) "who are you talking to?"
Grandma "Lindsey" PAUSE "Your having a boy?!?!" "You found out today? How do you know?"

Then we called Bailey on skype and where talking to the boys
I had put on a blue shirt and asked Tucker who has just conquered his colors
"Tucker what color is Aunt Lu Lu's shirt??"
"Bailey, we found out the sex today?"
screams, claps, excitements
she told the boys "Aunt lu lu is going to have a boy baby! you are going to have a boy cousin to show how to play with trucks and racecars! isnt that exciting?" Tucker "I wanted a girl baby"
I guess later on he asked Bailey if she had a boy baby in her belly too :)

Then we called Grandpa Willie, Nana, Levi, The Grove Families x2
Shawn was in Minnesota on a fishing trip with no service so he didnt get to find out until Sunday when he had service again
Everyone was excited, surprised, and stated that "Jada will continue to be the only girl and princess of the family" :)

We then started to tell friends
and then made it facebook official
I sent this photo to a lot of my close friends

That night we grilled out
Grandma and Daddy celebrated with some drinks :)

And he is named :) But that will remain a secret!!!

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