Sunday, May 13, 2012


We have been having maintenance issue, I feel like every time we turn around we are back in the office telling them about something else that needs to be fixed.  We understand that there is going to be issues and we do live in an older place HOWEVER the issues lately I am just not okay with ---especially with baby boy coming.
For last couple weeks we have been finding cockroaches YES I SAID COCKROACHES it is a really big deal and disgusting to say the least!!! We have gone in and told the office and they said they would have someone come spray soon the thing is THEY HAVE YET TO COME
and we just keep finding them
THEN the breaking bone ----Rocky came home from work and I went to wash dishes (we always have issues with the water it is never warm until we let it run for like 10 minutes, u cant wash dishes in cold water-and to top it off our sink kitchen screams when its on a high pitch annoying sound that when its running no other conversations can go on haha)
anyways ..headed to the sink to do dishes and mud particles where coming out of the faucet looked like chunks of hamburger and I was literally gagging.
We went over to the office right away as they where going to close in about 15 minutes
they said "yea we had problems with a pipe today and some dirt got into the line so you just need to run the water for like 15 minutes it should fix the problem"
Lets just say Rocky is not the most patient person and sometimes can be quite rash to say the least but I also love him for it sometimes hahaha
We came home and he said "we are done, we are moving"
So I began to search for new places and budget all our money if we could afford to break our lease and crunch numbers.  The next day the hubs said "ill be off early lets go look at some places"
We went to one that had been recommended (Ashley and Tony Fowler live there now and are moving to a house)
Anyways WE LOVED IT ---its smaller and cost more BUT it was built in 2008 and everything is new and works
I will have a dishwasher that cleans the dishes and my own washer and dryer!
Lets just say I am very very thrilled to say the least
It happened all so fast that I am still in shock!

When we went to tell the office we where leaving lets just say they where ready for us to be gone
They asked when we wanted to be moved out (waved the 60 day notice that we where suppose to give and two months rent) and then just have to pay the fee since we are breaking our lease

I will be home in Iowa June 3-12 and then we will move into new place June 15th

Mom and trey have got to visit EVERY place we have lived in El Paso its like every time they come down we have a new place (this will be our third)
So in July when they come we will yet again be in a new place

Baby boys first home ---nicer and newer :) I cant wait to make it perfect before he bring him home!

The new place and pool :) cant wait to be laying out there all summer long with my big belly "there is a beached whale" I might scare off the other residents hahahah

My Hubby got me a rocker/recliner and made me pancakes 
for breakfast too :) he is so sweet

Mommy sent me a package!! SHE IS THE BEST MOM EVER I swear i couldn't have got anymore lucky having her to learn from I can only hope to be half the mother she is to me! 
(in my new chair)

I have to share what the card said because it is so cute:
Hi Mommy! Even though I haven't been born yet, I wanted to tell you that I can hardly wait to see you and play with you.  But in the meantime, just know that I already love you and know you'll make a really great mom. 
PS: Who's the guy who's always patting you on the stomach and saying "Hellooooo in there?"
What a goofball!
Happy Mother's Day
(a little bit early)
Baby Boy ????

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