Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Recap -Ruidoso New Mexico

We had another marriage retreat this weekend in Ruidoso New Mexico.
We had so much fun last time that we where both pretty excited to go to this one.
We arrived Friday late afternoon and checked in.  This time we where staying in awesome condos (full kitchen, living room, very roomy)
We headed to a local grocery store to get some snacks and drinks for the weekend.
Then we had a night session and dinner (the food was better this time too catered by a restaurant that we wanted to try last time we where there but couldn't find
There was a lot more couples that rocky knew or knew of this time which was nice
That night his coworker Lewis, his wife, and daughter hung out in our condo for a little while

The next day we had two morning sessions and breakfast
We then drove up to Lake Bonita (10 minutes away)
we have started to plan a trip up there to go camping this summer

We headed back to eat lunch and then Lewis family and us where going to this other "lake" that rented poles and whatever fish you caught they would clean and you could take, HOWEVER, it wants really a lake it was a pond in this guys backyard and there was trash everywhere and NOT appealing SSSSOOOO we opted out of doing that.  The Lewis family went to a movie and Rocky and I headed to Wal Mart to buy fishing poles and license to go fishing back up at Lake Bonita.  We had ZERO luck and didn't catch anything but it was so peaceful out there int he wilderness with green all around us and a big body of water.  I do not know the last time I got to fish and Rocky LOVES to fish so it was a really great time!!! So relaxing and a great reminder of how great and amazing God is.  His creations are so beyond astonishing

That night we ate dinner, walked through town, and got some ice cream (that we didn't need after already having cheesecake for dessert with dinner hahah but we couldn't resist ----we tried to get foot massages BUT the store closed)   Lots and lots of statues in town baby and I liked this one (18 weeks 5 days)

One of the houses in town had pet deer :)

Then we headed back to the condos and built a fire outside, three other couples that Rocky knew of but didnt really know came over and and where playing beer pong by us and so it was nice to meet some other young couples.  Rocky was kind of in a indifferent mood so it was hard to tell if he was really enjoying it or not BUT we are really not going to meet anyone if we do not try.  We have best friends not what we are looking for I just think it would really be nice to have some good couples with similar interests to hang out with and interact with.

The next day we had another morning session and breakfast then headed back out for some more fishing.  Again NO LUCK hahahah we fished for a total of around 5-6 hours total this weekend EVERYONE around us caught fish but NOT US hahahah
Still like I said it was worth being out in the wilderness, with my boo, doing something he loves and I especially enjoy.
Overall great weekend was sad to come back to el paso (SAND) and cant wait to go back and camp!!!
Very exhausted after long weekend and my body is telling me to rest today!
Physical on Wednesday with Dr. Lutter (prolly gained 20 pounds with all that great food this weekend)

Less then 4 weeks until I get to go home!!!!!!!!!!! :) I CANT WAIT ... and so pumped for baby showers x2

My girlfriend Sammi gets here in about a week and a half and im beyond excited about that as well

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