Monday, May 7, 2012

Hubs 25th Birthday

Happy 25th Birthday that he FINALLY got to celebrate after many years of "sober" not so much celebrating since he was probably about 21 hahah

Getting ready to head over to the pool for the afternoon 
Me in my two piece REALLY need to invest in a tank bikini to cover up this baby bump :) 

Then out to the bars (cockpit his favorite of course)!
Then we ate at toro burger.
Got some Tropical snow snowcones and 
watched amazing race.

They where NOT sober when all was said and done and hubs was very slow, sleepy, and ready for it to be night and time for bed when he woke up that monday morning to go home.
Mama Joy headed back to Iowa 
Was so nice to have her here last weekend and especially to celebrate with Rocky! 

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