Wednesday, May 9, 2012


So two weeks ago when Joy was here we found out baby was a BOY and later that day my Dr's nurse called and said that we needed to set up a "physical" since I hadn't had one yet and so today about two weeks later I had a "physical"
"Physical" NOT SO MUCH
I was like what would they do at a physical that they couldn't just check at an appointment??
Told hubby "you really dont have to come they probably wont dont do much and probably nothing related to baby"
But he insisted to come which I am happy and NOT happy that he decided too
1. NOT happy because well it was a pap smear......physical=pap
But I guess it was a good experience for him to be involved with to get him a little prepared (did I say LITTLE) for the actual birth where it wont just be ONE doctor looking at my kooka and legs in stirrups but a lot more commotion, yelling, and action going on.  Along with fear and pain hahahah
2. I was very happy that he did decide to come though because we got to see baby boy again!!! :) It warms my heart and makes my whole day when we get to see him.  He was moving his arms and hands today, Heart rate 156, and still 100% boy she said!!! He is growing like a weed, I was amazed at how much bigger he was just from a two weeks ago when we saw him last.  and then we have our full anatomy scan next week and will get to see him again (he will be the size of a cantaloupe then).

I have been having a lot of "dizzy spells" since we got back from New Mexico and I was thinking that maybe I just was worn out from the weekend but going on day three I decided to say something today about it.  (I had a lot of these spells in 1st trimester so it hasn't really scared me to much)  Dr. Lutter said that my blood pressure was a bit low which is normal and also could be a good reason to explain the dizziness, and then talked to me a lot about things to do with my diet, what to be doing and not doing, to try to do things sitting down instead of standing for long periods.  She also ordered me to the lab to take my blood again and check on my iron and make sure my anemia wasn't acting up (which has happened in the past).  She just wanted to cover all different possibilities which makes me feel so comforted knowing that she cares enough to take the extra step and precautions for our baby!  She has turned out to be such a wonderful blessing as a  Doctor for as scared as I was to go to a military Dr was silly of me I should have known and trusted that God had it all under control from day 1. I actually suggested to a girl that is about 9 weeks prego at the marriage retreat (Ashley Fowler) to go be seen by her because we have been so happy with her and she hadn't been assigned an OBGYN yet! So hopefully they are just as pleased with Dr. Lutter as we are!
Dr. Lutter even asked if baby was named yet :) Little does she know he has been named long before he was even conceived!

What a great day hearing my little mans heart beat ---Love him and cant wait to hold him--- God is Great! We are Blessed!

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