Friday, August 3, 2012

week 31

July 31, 2012
Week 31
Pregnancy Highlights: 
Baby Size: 16.25 inches  four navel oranges 3+lbs (3-5 more before delivery)
Maternity Clothes: Yes and N0
Stretch Marks: Nope and Hope to Avoid
Gender Predictions: BOY
Movement: Nonstop and a lot of times can feel it on both my sides at the same time! Like he is pushing and kicking to make room to stretch out
Sleep: lots of back and forth rolling, rolling is not near as easy anymore either.  I wake up sometimes and feel like I got no sleep (no matter how many times I got up to pee) Feel like a whale when I try to get up from laying down hahahah
What I miss: for the first time—MY BODY! So far I have really enjoyed being prego hahah but Im starting to think it would be very nice to have my own body back
Food Cravings: different all the time nothing in specific just hungry hungry hungry
Symptoms: becoming uncomfortable, sore feet, nonstop tired, and for the first time am ready to be done being prego
Weight Gain: +21
Belly Button: officially took out the belly button ring –not inny for two much longer rockin a half and half right now
Best Moment this week:  :  being completely ready for Baby Foster to arrive after Grandma Robin was here and helped me finish shopping and getting room all prepped.  All we need now is a baby hahah

What I’m looking forward to: Headed to Iowa WITH Rocky for the sweet corn festival (our last trip and last time everyone will see us at home as a family of 2)
What I’m NOT looking forward to: becoming MORE uncomfortable
Milestone: we are in single digit weekly countdowns!!!
Labor signs: 9 weeks to go
Week 31 Picture:

Also this week daddy was helping mommy figure out how to use the moby wrap as well as getting some practice on changing diapers hahahah makes me laugh but glad he cares enough to try! :) The big goof--He did good on diaper change and I think he will be a pro in no time 

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