Sunday, August 19, 2012

Maternity Sneak Peak/ NAME REVEAL!!!!!!

I really wanted to do maternity pictures but being in Texas it was really hard to find someone whose word i loved enough to spend the money and the hubs was far from on board with the whole thing.  He found it very unneccesary to do and "waste" of money.

When we decided that we where going to go home in August for the Sweet Corn Festival I got so excited and immediately messaged my favorite photographer EVER!!!! and the hubs was finally on board too knowing that we where going to for sure like the work!

Here is a few sneak peaks:
(I was very anti belly hanging out but I trusted her and she really did do good tasteful full belly shots!!!)

We also decided to tell the family the name since we have not got to see there live reaction to any of the news so far and they will not get to meet him for awhile after he is born 
My family all pretty much had guest the name already and where not very surprised 
His family struggled with how to pronounce it which I think will be a lot of peoples problem ***we are mean parents!!!! hahahaha***
AND since no one that I know follows my blog on here I will share with you ladies too........

Here is the picture that we gave to each of our family members:
will be the new member of our family :)

pronounced: yer-Ry-ah
meaning: The Lord is my light


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