Thursday, November 10, 2011


Yesterday was our FIRST SNOW OF THE YEAR  ......
(granite today it was almost all gone haha or a slushy sloshy mess)
BUT it came down it stayed around, didnt just melt when it hit the ground, and it was beautiful/perfect just like almost ALL first snows seems to be--- the kids at school where all so excited.  Its like it was a foreign thing that they all where so thrilled to be experiencing FINALLY, AGAIN!
as much as being cold makes me crabby, hate driving in it, and getting wet socks is by far the worse! it was still fun to watch the flakes come down and the kids get all bundled up and play in it
Snow also means
the best to top it all off
THE HUBBY'S RETURN HOME ---(i would be lying if i told you i was only excited because the whole situation has kinda made me a crazy loony crabby person lately ... i am missing him so freaking much and knowing that he is coming home but who the heck knows when is just driving me bonkers and making me pretty darn irritable :( no good for my co-workers and kiddos and i can feel it when im being that way but i just cant help it or stop it__ I WANT A DAMN DATE OF WHEN HE WILL BE BACK!!!)

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