Monday, January 23, 2012

new blogging --soon

November 10th really? was that REALLY the last time i blogged --man does time just fly or what?!?!
life got crazy and hectic and i knew i was putting the blogging world on hold for awhile but honestly has it been that long?!?!
its already 2012 and baby oh baby have times changed since then!!!!!!!!!!
we have had a lot of new and exciting news happen since then
as well has the hussle and bussle of the holidays
that is what originally put the whole world (not just blogging but EVERYTHING/EVERYONE) on hold
November 27th we both arrived in Texas and where reunited after just 5 months NOT 12 woot woot we are the lucky ones that is for sure and i still pray everyday for those who are still seperated by distance and even more for the families of those who have served the ulitmate sacrifice.  Thankful and blessed everyday-every second to have my man home safe and in my arms.
we where back in texas until the 23rd of december and then hurried home with the father in law to make it to the midwest in time for christmas eve with the family :)
Home for 26 days and trust me we DID NOT want to come back ...
but now REALITY--this girl needs a job thats for sure .... ill take all the prayers one can get
this blog is about to get used a lot a lot a lot more
because i have something very new to start blogging about
i "decided" last night !!!!!!!!!
but for now....
ill keep you waiting  EEK EEK EEK
welcome back how you have been missed!!!! :)

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  1. When I first started blogging I went like a year without posting. Now I am obsessed and even design them. Once you get in the hang of it again twill be hard to stop. Lol