Sunday, November 6, 2011


What a poop-tastic day!!!
went to bed not feeling to hot only to wake up even worse :(
we gained an hour of sleep this only happens once a year its suppose to be a good thing!!!
COME ON GOD dont you know these things??
headache. upset stomach. no energy. ears hurt. flem. chest kills! cant even take a deep breathe. so uncomfortable and achey
the chest started last night
I thought maybe it was do to the abundant amount of enhaled dust I took in yesterday as the whole family
tackled grandmas house organizing, throwing stuff away, cleaning, painting, fixing, etc.
Going to get it put on the market asap!
Was so hard being there and not having her there ...and then soon enough we will never be there because the house will be gone idk which is harder!
My stupid ass aunt acted like the whole thing was christmas and seeing what all she could get her hands on to take GGGGRRRR!!!!!!
so it is officially 7 oclock and i am in bed headed to nighty night land

hubby should be headed or heck maybe already there ---KUWAIT!
one step closer to coming home and being together WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT
I can not freaking wait
have to tell my work this week about the whole situation and how i may just have to up and be gone someday without much notice *I am an associate in a level three special ed room one on one with a kiddo*
hopefully that goes over good
just as soon as my little friend and I got to a good routine and knowing how eachother ticks : WHAM im gunna be a gonner
actually starting to love that ornery little booger
NOT TO MENTION he is learning so freaking much like LOADS AND LOADS of new ciriculum he is just taking off this week and BOOMING its seriously a very exciting thing for me to whitness --recognizing his letters, saying his letter sounds, patterning, ect.  may have taken a long while but we are GETTING THERE we are GOING PLACES :)

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