Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wedding Blog

It is about to be our 3 month anniversary, technically we just had our 5 month anniversary a few days ago but not to many people know that we actually got married in April because we had our wedding back home in June and failed to mention to anyone (except our immidiate families) that we went to the courthouse in April down in Texas and where technically already married hahaah tricksters!!)
The truth is --we got engaged and told everyone at the end of march ...went and got married not even a week later ha ha But in my eyes when you say yes to being engaged to a man, you are stating that you would marry that person right there on the spot so why do you have to have a long engagment besides to plan the wedding.  WE DID NOT NEED NOR HAVE THE TIME to have a long engagement.  I couldnt wait to be married to him-- we got the dads permission before he proposed to me, and we got both my parents approval before going to the courthouse.  I wanted my dad to give me away and we where planning to have the wedding where he would be able to, but financially we needed/had to go to the courthouse to help plan and have the wedding of our dreams.

I am going to post pictures from the different wedding events :)

Bridal Shower
Both sides: had it in the basement of Nana's church!!
both sides of the family

Most of the bridesmaids (missing two)

The decorations where Gorgeous!

We played this game that was SO SO SO SO funny :)
  My sister asked me questions that the future hubby had already answered, and I had to answer how I thought he would.  For everyone that I got wrong I had to stick a piece of double bubble in my mouth! ha ha By the end I couldnt even open my mouth let alone get an answer to the other questions out. Was so much fun and got a lot of laughs :)

The wonderful gals who through the shower for me :)

The Mom and Mom in-law

 Opening all the wonderful gifts                                             
The one on the right is for the hubby! (smart ass)

                                                       Bachelorette Party
The boys had theres this night too.  So the VERY last bar we all met up together HOWEVER no pictures where taken of any of the boys night (which can only mean our night was better hahaha) They grilled out at one of the groomsmens house and then bar hopped in town (which my husband had not got to do very often since he joined the army so he was completly content with the small hole in the wall hometown bars.)  We HOWEVER started in a garage with happy hour and games--jumped on a bus and went into Des Moines for a much wilder crowd..

Team Dennis--the bus they rented for the night

The Crew

The Attire for the Bride To Be
The Bridesmaids Of Legal Age



This is just a scary picture that we shouldnt go into details about HOWEVER this guy had a good time making us all do this :) so many inappropriate pictures!!!!

                  I will stop sharing now--this night just got more and more glazed over after this point!

The Rehearsal and Decorating

The Mr made these as a surprise --he is kinda a cutie

The Girls

The Boys (missing a couple)


I am in the process of going through our photos and getting the ones I want picked out so they can be edited.  We got a great deal and had a gal we went to high school with, who does photography on the side capture our special day! She gave us the cd with ALL the pictures from it and we can just pick and print whichever we want because she signed over her rights to us! SCORE and she did an amazing job


Headed to see my man -----shortly after our first time seeing each other on our wedding day!
We kinda look like a 4 year old in a candy store hahah <3

Our Fun Lower Halfs
The best part of our whole wedding party--the little ones!!! :) we had 3 cute boys and 1 dollface girl

The Whole Party!!!!

Some fun ones


The tears are starting --him making me laugh so that I dont turn into a blubbering mess!


Almost to the Reception had to make a pit stop for some more captured moments BEST PICTURE :)



Candy Bar was the best idea ever---it was a huge hit (especially to keep all the little ones entertained haha)
The cake and cookies where delicious too recommend her to ANYONE! SO SO SO SO good

Just a little fist pump action going on 

In Loving Memory of Papa ---many tears during this song but a WONDERFULL moment at that

The Love of my life-My hero-My best friend-My hearts keeper-My forever and always forever and ever

Day After
Gifts @ rentals garage

"OFFICIALLY" mr and mrs

Mom and Girls

One of my favorite boys EVER Mr. Tucker Todd

First time in awhile that all the grandkids had been together for Grandma Hubbard
Doing this Blog and then going to a wedding last weekend has made me want to do this day over and over and over again !!!! :) I apologize for it being forever and ever long but it was also my way of documenting our day and reliving all the memories---i hope you enjoyed and if i bored you i am sorry hahah if all else maybe someone is a photographer, wedding planner, engaged, OR SOMETHING where my blog may have been put to some use hahah i love pictures and love seeing captured memories ESPECIALLY of my loved ones.

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