Sunday, September 11, 2011

Family --River Sand Bank

Yet another weekend is over :)
Anymore I feel like im the most nonproductive person come Sunday night when reflecting my past few days and events that I accomplished.......... it is not even funny ( hahahhaha )
I dread Mondays (don't we all)
but everyday is what you make it
AND with the weekend come and gone only means the countdown gets less and less before Mr comes HOME!!!!

The brother was back this weekend from college and the WHOLE FAMILY including mom went down to the sand bar on the river --the boys where all being boys shooting guns, catching animals, skipping rocks, getting dirty BEING BOYS!!!!
I captured pictures and videos because moments like this
(outdoors, with loved ones, FREE event, --well they make the best memories)
I however got very disappointed when I found out after two minutes that I was Not recording my nephew when I thought the whole time I was hahhaha
Dad/Grandpa had caught him a frog and he was just playing with it like it was his stuffed animal or something hahaha giving it kisses, pulling him in every which direction, and even squeezed him a little to hard that "idk what" just popped out of the little frog EEK OOPS
We are not cruel people and we do love animals but the truth of the matter iiiiissssss we are a hunting family
just how it is --mid western Iowa grown humans!

All Boys
Tucker, McCoy, Ty, Dad, Trey, Trevor

Loving the Water

What we call a diaper wedgy!!

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