Sunday, September 4, 2011

Broken Internet Boo Baby

We r having issues with the Internet at out house so blogging is on a stand still till then because let's be honest replying to emails alone on my phone itself is to time consuming and takes all my patience after a day of 25 kindergarteners lol went to a wedding last night (talk about water works --hard to believe that was us just a short 3 months ago ANDDDD my next post from my computer will be about our wedding and sharing pictures i said I would do it like two posts ago and still have not however I WILL)and I have a family dinner with my husbands dads side as if one wasn't enough to make me miss him I get hit with two events back to back that just make me sad they are so much better with my other half here with me!!! Miss u boo!!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful llloooonnnggggg weekend happy labor day ;)

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