Friday, September 23, 2011


yes I have been a stranger, I have decided I am better at reading/following others blogs rather then actually blogging.  I feel like it is probably because 1. My life is far from calm these days (go go go go go gooooooo work is hectic still trying to get in a routine, errands galore and to make things even worse grandmother is back in the hospital and its not looking good at all VERY stressful and hard to take it all in  2. Everynight no matter what time it is when i get home i have to send my husband and email so that we stay connected and he knows what is going on in life back here (which i am so beyond grateful we have and we don't have to communicate by snail mail FOR NOW) however, this does take time. but if i didn't get one from him i know  i would get nervous, sad, curious, aggravated, etc! SO i know he would probably feel about the same exact way 3. I have been getting a lot of reading in i have actually just been CRAVING to read ....i get home from work or other events that i have going on in life and just want to read hahahhah

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