Monday, November 5, 2012

Birth Story

I had started getting contractions at 3am Thursday morning 10 min apart.  They where not super strong but strong enough that I couldn't sleep through them for the first time.  At about 7am Rocky and I headed over to walk on the treadmill (I think ALL Mom and I had been doing for the last week is walking---Mom "I should have trained before I came down" hahah) We had a Dr appointment at 10am I was at a 1 and 90% effaced she stripped my membranes and she told us then she wouldn't induce us until after 41 weeks possible 42 weeks.  I never imagined wanting to be induced, but I was ssssooo mad and so was mom.  Especially since we where asking pretty much to do it (he came out dry aka he was more then ready and over cooked)AND we had asked at the 12 week appointment how long over she would let us go so that we could plan for Mom to be here to help and see Urijah being born.  Rocky knew how upset I was and was trying to be optimistic ---I was in tears and very frustrated.  I really didn't want to be induced but I wanted Mom to be here and felt as if she was kinda "wasting time" precious time with her grandson before she has to go months without seeing and cuddling him.
Left Dr office, Rocky went to a dermatologist appointment and Mom and I went to Wal Mart to "walk around" we didn't want to just go sit at home we where both to worked up for that  
Contractions kept getting stronger and closer
We met Rocky at Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch ---contractions where about 8 minutes apart at this point
We went home to "nap" to see if they would continue or stop (praying they where going to continue) after about and hour or so mom said "maybe you need to pack your bags" Rocky had been working on his homework and when he heard Mom say that he said "really? you think we are that close" I do not think he realized how serious/real it was ... we where at 5 min apart and had been told if they where 5 minutes apart for 2 hours to head in.  We packed our bags I ate an apple, yogurt, and some more water.  Decided to walk some more while Rocky loaded the car.  While packing "what do I even need to bring babe I feel clueless" hahah the nerves where kicking in for Rocky LOVE HIM 
Contractions every 5 min for 2.5 hrs decided time to go to hospital at 7pm arrived at the hospital, checked me and I was still just a 1 and 90% 
She stripped my membranes again and monitored me for an hr by 7:30 i was having them every two minutes apart but they wouldn't admit me (policy is I had to be dilated to a four!) so they told us to go home --mom was mad and there was no way we where going anywhere. I paced the parking lot while Mom and Rocky ate McDonalds on the curb
I was having contractions stronger then ever every 2 min lasting a min (talk about no break) I was in tears at this point. 
Cant believe they sent us "home" no way we could have gone ANY WHERE I couldn't even walk without having to stop every min for a contraction ...went back up to Labor and Delivery in tears at this point having contractions still every two minutes lasting a min long and HARD
Checked me and I was still only at a 2 and completely thinned ...kept me in monitoring room and COULDN'T admit me STILL 
(mom and rocky and well me too where beyond baffled to say the least)
Tawmie (nurse) said "the nurses at the station cant believe how off the chart hard your contractions are and back to back without making faster progress. We dont see this to often you poor thang" she gave me iv with fluid to try to slow my contractions and let my body catch up but it wasn't working 
11:42pm FINALLY at a three and going to admit me 

As soon as I was admitted got me to the room And waiting to get the epidural! I was just constant back to back contraction so my body couldn't relax between to make any progress with them! Not how I planned on having my Labor (all natural) but I had realized I needed it.  I had gone 6 hours every 2 min contractions and was only at a 3 I had surrendered no way I could do another 6+ hours at this pace

Epi at 1:18am I was in HEAVEN
I was so beyond nervous because there is no way that I was going to be able to hold still for the whole process
Mom had to leave the room and Rocky had to sit in a chair across the room 
He hates needles so I continually told him "just dont look at the needle its really big" 
I was on the edge of the bed and wasn't suppose to move 
She told me I was going to feel a little sting in my leg 
well I felt a sting BUT it was an automatic reflex I SWEAR I had no control at all my whole body flinched.  Both nurses started yelling and lets just say Rocky was beyond scared "worse thing ever" 
I didn't know this until after I got the epidural I was finally able to lay down and very ready for it! Rocky came over and I said "you did so good I couldn't have done that without you.  You talking to me the whole time really helped me concentrate  he said "are you kidding me that was horrible! worst thing ever! the look on Anesthesiology face scared the crap out of me! I dont want to talk about it" 
I honestly had not realized how bad the situation was because I was just so excited that I couldn't feel my contractions anymore 
She had just hit a nerve and had to move it around a little bit

Daddy went and got the bags from the car and Grandma Robin came in 
I WAS A WHOLE NEW WOMAN ---I could feel my lower half when touched but that's it and I could feel my contractions but they didn't hurt at all
then they broke my water at 1:30am already at 5cm (my body relaxed and took off) also -1

AND THEN Rocky passed out no joke
Rocky, "Robin you can sleep first ill take the first shift and then you can take the second" 
Mom, "No that's okay you can go to sleep Rocky" 
Rocky, "Okay well wake me and we can switch" 
Didn't even wake up when nurses would come in 

2:45am - 6cm still -1
3:30am - 8cm +1 dropped a lot Dr is thinking within 2 hours start pushing

5:00am I was at a 10 since I was comfortable we continue to wait for him to drop
To be honest they where so busy that night I think is only reason I had to wait 
They put me on the "peanut" ball between my legs for an hour and a half laying on each side 

7:00am came in to start getting things set up couple "practice pushes"

I think Urijah was the 6th one born that morning at 7:40am

4 contraction/pushes later he was here!!! (27 minutes) 
The Dr guessed 7lb 5oz right before I started to push
she didn't think he was going to be very big 
8lb 9oz 21" long Friday October 5, 2012
Biggest blessing of our life!!
Overwhelming feelings of love, joy, excitement, and happiness filled the room.

So overall the beginning was beyond rough for Me,Rocky, and Mom 
Did not go as planned
The epidural was amaze-balls 
And he is here/healthy 
so even though it was NOT natural nor as planned I couldn't have done it any other way (I'm sure I could have, a lot of people have, But I dont know how it would have been possible) 
and wouldn't have changed anything!! ;) 

He is a great baby so beyond content never seen a baby like this ;)
He is just so happy and fills my heart with love beyond words. 
Even Mom says she has never seen a baby like you 
We have to wake you to eat 
You dont even cry when you are getting a diaper change like a "normal" baby does
Mom says "Just because he is this way and such a good baby does NOT mean your next one will be remember that and don't get any ideas" hahaha TO FUNNY 

As Happy and life fulfilled as Urijah has made me I really am already thinking about baby number 2 already:) I miss being pregnant a little bit A LITTLE BIT hahaha I am excited to get my body back though 
Daddy thinks I'm crazy, he isn't ready to go through another Labor 
All through labor he kept saying "you really want four kids??" he was trying his hardest to get me to cave in and on say it on camera 
He just wants two ...we will see who wins this battle :)
I would take a thousand Urijah's I love you so so so so so so so much bugaboo!  

Theresa and Natalie where AMAZING nurses and BEYOND helpful ESPECIALLY with nursing 

We where scared about Jaundice because your levels where getting to be borderline 
so we supplemented a little bit in the hospital but that it! 
We just didn't want there to be any chance that we wouldn't get to take you home with us

We got discharged on the 7th from the Hospital and we where off on our own! 
with the help of Grandma Robin for a week BLESSING to have her with us! 
Rocky has 10 days off from work 
and Grandpa Willie surprise visit was just through the weekend
Aunt Bailey would be here next weekend 
the following week Grandma Joy and Grandpa Chambey would be here
Then the next week Grandpa Willie would be back as well as Uncle Levi 

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