Thursday, November 15, 2012

the best smile in the whole world

Your smile...
all the while....
giving me a feeling that is indescribable
its contagious
its the cutest thing ever
its bright (your whole face lights up)
its often
to top it off 
when its at us
at me! your Mommy
or at your Daddy

Giggle NEXT :)

You are becoming quite the little chatter box these days too 
You will lay and just chat to us for ours and you really like it when we talk back to you, it really gets you going.  
Sometimes when your smile is ssssooo big, cant get any bigger big, you appear to want to giggle but you just have not figured it out yet.
so you just coo and squawk away! getting louder and louder....I SWEAR one of your many go to noises sounds just like "HI"

I warned you "best smile in the whole world" we have tons of pictures of you smiling
 We catch them all the time 
Its the best 
And fun to send them to everyone back in Iowa

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