Saturday, October 20, 2012

Baby Baby Baby

I have so much to catch up on here ... however WE STILL HAVE COMPANY
and that's just not an option as any "spare" time I have I try to nap as that does not even happen everyday
and makes for a very exhausted Ma Ma
My Baby Boy is 2 weeks old!!!!!
weighs 9 lbs 4 oz now and is 21 1/2inches long GROWING GROWING GROWING (time I think isnt going to slow down anytime soon)
I just can not even believe how fast the time is going by
Daddy goes back to work on Monday and Gma and Gpa Chamberlain head back to Iowa
More Family comes next Wed- Monday
AND THEN maybe we will get into a schedule and I will get all my thoughts and memories I dont want to forget about on here!

But for now Ill post a couple more of my favorite pics

Snuggled in our Rock N Play

He has the best smile!!! Melts my whole heart


Our first Dr Appointment (4 days old)

Doing some sun bathing 

Just love this little man

We should have the "professional" photos by the end of the day ---A girl trying to get into photography and build her portfolio did them for free! Cant wait to see them! and Share them of course

Happy Weekend :)

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