Monday, November 5, 2012

1 Month ... Already???

1 MONTH OLD!!!!!!!!! 

Can it be true???????

 Your smile is the best!

It is hard to believe that it has already been 1 month since you joined our family.  You are a sweet, mellow, easy going, smiley, happy, and a content baby boy.  You are beginning to find your voice and "talking" a lot.  You are also figuring out how to cry.  For the first two weeks of life we never heard anything but a whimper from you, no matter what nothing really made you mad. You would just squirm and let out a little noise when you needed a diaper change or you where getting hungry. BUT NOW you are starting to let us have it when you need something and we are not fast enough for your liking.  You smile A LOT and usually not at anything inparticular but do it when you are sleeping, "playing", or just simply being held.  We cant wait to actually get the genuine smiles when we know what your smiling at or should I say when we know you are smiling at us.  You follow our faces and recognize our voices, which is amusing and heartwarming to both of us.  You are growing, growing, growing *born: 8lbs 9oz *left hospital: 8lbs 3oz *5 days old: 8lb 12oz *2weeks: 9lbs 4oz *3weeks old: 9lbs 12oz *4weeks: 10lbs 3oz!!!!!!  You are exclusively breastfed but have been introduced to the bottle and have no problems with it at all.  You are semi interested with the pacifier but its usually a hit or miss.  You love love love to be moving, therefore, really enjoy and sleep in your bouncey seat a lot swing not so much. You have the cutest little sneezes followed by a little "aaahhhh" afterwards, that happens often as well as getting the hiccups and having very manly big loud stinky farts.  Your hair sticks straight up and all over.  We think you are going to have a cowlick like Daddy.  For the most part the consensus has been that you look like Daddy as a baby, have some Volz in you, and look a lot like your cousin McCoy with those facial expressions you are always giving.  You are a very good sleeper and noisy too! Grunting, moaning, and making all sorts of weird noises. At night you go 4-6 hours in between feedings and usually go right back to sleep.  You are awake more and more during the day eating every 2/3 hours.  You do NOT like to be swaddled because your hands must be free so you can have them up by your face.  When you are awake your arms, hand, legs, and feet are always going.  You have a very strong grip and are already pushing off of Mommy and Daddy trying to stand up.  Big stuff!  You dont love tummy time to much but you do fairly well holding your head up when your up on our chest. Your first month was obviously filled with a lot of firsts: skyping with family, airport trips picking up visitors, Hawkeye football game, church service, walks, shopping trips, doctor appointments, bath, Halloween, and much much more. Some nicknames you have already got: bugaboo, bug, boo, pumpkin, bud, little man, and your cousins call you "baby urijah".  We cant believe how fast you are growing and changing daily.  Time is literally flying by already and next thing we know you will be starting kindergarten, graduating, leaving us for college, and then starting a family of your own.  We love you more then words and feel beyond blessed by God to get such an amazing gift.  You are the perfect addition to our family.  You have made our life so much fuller and more meaningful.  All the little things are twice as fun.  We cant wait to watch you grow, learn, and change supporting you in all that you aspire to do.  Even though Mommy wants you to stay little forever so she can cuddle and smother you with kisses with no protest Daddy is ready to play football, wrestle, and just be boys with you.  We love you Urijah Owen Foster with all our hearts.
-Mommy & Daddy

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