Friday, June 1, 2012


I have started my first breastfeeding book, the farther I get into it the more obsessed I become on researching and learning more about it! 1. because I want to be successful and what better chance then to be as knowledgeable as possible on the topic and 2. because there is SSSOOO much to learn!!!
It is the one "baby topic" that I feel the most clueless about
My Doctor recommended this site
and I wanted to share something from there that I not only find so encouraging
But really the best piece of information I have read so far
and a reminder to me that "through him all things are possible" whats meant to be is already planned out for my future as well as my precious babies.

"Yes, these folks believe, even after countless centuries of evolution and/or divine design, that breastfeeding is a dirty, messy, sinful, or inferior method of feeding a baby. They’re convinced that modern Science (with all its homage to the profit motive), after investing just a couple decades of Sacred Research, has discovered every nutrient a baby could possibly need and put it in a nice, neat can. Yeah, right. Trust me, there’s absolutely nothing in the Bible that says “thou shalt not breastfeed.” (How do you think Mary fed Jesus?!)
Your body was created by God, a Higher Power, or the forces of evolution (whichever you see fit to believe) with breasts in order to deliver the most perfect food for babies, at the perfect temperature, at any time, in the most nurturing, comforting manner, from a sterile, portable, self-maintaining container… and don’t let any fool, no matter how well-meaning, tell you any different! The relationship between a breastfeeding mother and her baby is sacred and inviolable, filled with purity, innocence, and selfless service."
Just had to share!! Happy Friday To All!!

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