Friday, June 15, 2012

23 weeks

June 5, 2012
Week 23
Pregnancy Highlights: 
Baby Size: 11.5 inches large mango 1+lb
Maternity Clothes: bought some but still can wear some of my regular stuff too just not as much
Stretch Marks: Nope and Hope to Avoid
Gender: BOY
Movement: lots
Sleep: fine
What I miss: nothing really loving being pregnant
Food Cravings: sweets are becoming a big want along with all the normal stuff pickles are pretty much out now they still taste good but not like they use to
Food Aversions: none
Symptoms: none just lots of baby movements going on 
Weight Gain: 12 lbs total
Belly Button: inny but it is slowly starting to not be so deep
Best Moment this week:  going to IOWA –babies first plane ride J
What I’m looking forward to: Moving when I get back to our new HOME and babies first home
What I’m NOT looking forward to: saying good bye and heading back to Texas
Labor signs: 17 more weeks
Week 23 Picture:

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