Thursday, June 21, 2012

25 weeks

June 19, 2012
Week 25
Pregnancy Highlights: 
Baby Size: 13.5 inches Rutabaga??? 1½ lbs
Maternity Clothes: since we moved in to our new place and I have been busy unpacking and organizing I have been living in pajama clothes
Stretch Marks: Nope and Hope to Avoid
Gender: BOY
Movement: daily
Sleep: fine
Food Cravings: still sweets but not as bad
Food Aversions: none
Symptoms: I am feeling great!! Nothing to complain about at all I’m really loving being pregnant and can’t believe we only have 15 weeks left
Weight Gain: 12 lbs total still
Belly Button: inny but it is slowly starting to not be so deep
Best Moment this week:  -Moving into our new place
-I got baby bedding this week and it fits perfectly I LOVE IT
-We are ALMOST officially going to go home again in August FOR SWEET CORN FESTIVAL (Rocky has not been since he joined the Army) and even better I found cheap tickets so I may have just convinced the hubs to fly and not drive (I will be 32 weeks prego)
-My Mom booking her flight tickets for weekend before due date (September 29) for two weeks
-Rocky’s Mom and Step Dad booked there tickets for October 17-22 to come meet Baby Boy Foster
-Our dear friends Kristina and Wyatt booked their flight tickets to spend Thanksgiving with us and our little family (of three now!) Nov 20-27
What I’m looking forward to: getting completely settled into our new home
-starting baby classes
Milestone: another week down and finally being able to start setting up the nursery and making our home a home! A home that I know that we can make a home knowing that we will not be moving for awhile
Labor signs: 15 more weeks
Week 25 Picture:

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