Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What a Weekend

Yes it was SUPER BOWL weekend
and we ate like CRAP the WHOLE weekend
disgusting really hahahhaha ... lots of pizza, lots of dips for chips, BBQ wings and such!!
The hubby wasn't really going for any team but I picked the giants
(only because I 1. like New York and 2. I like the name Eli hahah so go Manning's hahah and his wife is gorgeous)
ANYWAYS I WON --and I'm competitive so I was talking *ish the whole time heehee

I had to cut him off after this heehee

We went to a group for young married couples at our church after the service and really really liked it :)

We bought Couch's over the Ft Bliss Garage Sale Facebook Site
We only have one couch so when people come over there really isnt anywhere to sit (and we have tile floor so thats not really a "fun" option) and the hubs and I sit on the couch and in order to lounge out we are like on top of each other (we are a tall couple!!)
SO we found an identical couch that we already have and also a matching love seat for 200 dollars
we thought it thought it was a great deal!
 We had bought from this site before and always had good luck;so we thought it was safe : and usually you deal with a lot of military families so you know
1. that you will/should get a good deal
2. Honest people (they are soldiers)

they sent us a picture (looked good) , told us it was in good condition (and it appeared that way from the pictures), said they didn't smoke or have dogs
hhhhmmmmm..... well i though I asked all the right questions and that we where good to go
we do not have a truck so we had to rent a Uhaul to go pick it up (Extra $40 to pay for whatever we end up buying if its to big for a mid size car)
so yesterday the hubs had the day off ( I guess all soldiers get the day after super bowl off?? MAKES SENSE!! heehee )we headed to pick them up 

IT WAS HORRIBLE ---there where stains everywhere it had been in their garage for who knows how long
dust on it ... they def had dogs WE SAW THEM!  hair, hair, hair, and more hair
it was so disappointing to say the least
discouraged :(
and felt like it was my fault since I found them and suggested we get them !!
although the hubs didn't blame me and he did state "how could you have known" but I still felt like he secretly blamed me
so we spent all of our Monday CLEANING these couch's (so much for a day off from work sorry babes)
I think we both ended up High off the fumes
we vacuumed scrubbed, used some scrub cleaner, febreeze, REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT
i did it
we did it
the hubs did it

I couldn't even be downstairs last night bc the fumes where outrageous

And NOW.....
 They look so different!! :) They look Wonderful
I am so impressed with us
HOWEVER, it does still disgust me thinking about how they where ( and have only sat on the old couch still hahah) but I should get over that soon right?? UCK

The New Set Up
And now I can decorate the walls since we know where furniture will be ( i didn't want to hang anything knowing that we where HOPEFULLY getting more then just a single couch ) our tv looks itty bitty now

We also treated ourselves to
Apple Pie after all that hard work!!!

The Cutest Nephews in the whole world got to play in the snow all weekend in Iowa!!!
We where so Jealous , there was ZERO snow the whole 26 days we where home, now its Feb and they get a huge snow storm --it has been a wild unusual winter up there!!

Some really dear friends of ours (back in Iowa of course where ALL our friends are hahahah ) got engaged today :0 and we are so excited for them !!! Wyatt and Rocky Grew up together and are two peas in a pod !!
The Ring

Oh and I got flowers this weekend :)
always a fun surprise

**Sorry about the minor fuzzy pics they are all off the iphone**

Oh and did I mention that Nala is a DIVA???