Thursday, February 2, 2012

20 more days

Can the days go any SLOWER?!?!?! hahahahah  20 more days people!!

Had a Dr appointment with my new PCM (primary care giver) today--- You never know what you are going to get with the army medical field so I was a bit nervous to say the least hahahah
pleasantly surprised :)
Dr. Kidd turned out to be a really really great llady ---- I actually liked her A LOT!!!!

Nothing crazy today mainly just to get in do an overall check up and have my blood drawn!!!
Talk about Vitamins and other healthy things to be doing at this point in my life :)

AND ---the hubs took off some work to go with me (i know your thinking awww what a sweet guy but aka told his srgt we had an appointment to get out of work for ALL of the morning: He just decided NOT to go back to work until after lunch hahahah dont get me wrong he CAN be sweet)

DYING to have a JOB any JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I am just applying and applying and applying
At this point everywhere and anywhere no ands/ifs/buts
1. I would like the job or not
2. It is close or far away
3. The pay is good or bad
I JUST WANT SOMETHING ---something to get me out of the house , something to maybe help me meet people, something to feel like my life consist of something besides a SAHW (stay at home wife)

Really struggling down here in (h)El Paso --- I sometimes do not feel like it is America that we live in!!! (when you cant get a job because you don't speak Spanish??? I think that means something!!!)
GGGRRRR not racist

Makes it even harder being away from all of your family and friends , not knowing anyone, and not having a job!!!
Im just such a motivated individual and I feel like I am losing control ---not being who I am or living out the life I wish to be living!!! IM BECOMING SASSY!
Dear Army: why could you not have stationed us somewhere anywhere better then here!!!


  1. fabulous blog, love. i don't know how I'm only just now following. love! xo
    Small town girl takes on the LA fashion scene.

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