Friday, January 27, 2012

2012- New life- Health

SO its a new year ---and its going to be a very exciting one at that !!!
There is going to be a lot of changes in this family for sure
Like I said in an earlier post me and the hubs went home for 26 days and we ate like CRAP the whole time
it was actually kinda even disgusting hahahaha; yes partially can be blamed on the holidays but prolly also just blame it on being on a 26 day vacation---not to mention: We drank A TON!!! i mean A TON A TON A TON
SO on our 20 hour ride back we started to research cleanses to start
we found the "master cleanse"  aka lemonade diet
and we where set on doing that
HOWEVER, sunday night our minds where changed (for the better of course)
ssssooo this week it has been a lot of intake of veggies and fruits
and hardly anything else (the hubs is craving a huge cheesburger and he has done so good this week so we are going to treat ourselves)
BUT our lifestyles has changed
Looking up different HEALTHY recipes today
anyone know of any good sites??
or recipes period??
LOVE to hear about some

so step one of our new life in 2012

I even started yoga today YOGA!!!!! does anyone else do yoga??? i think i may love but i just dunno yet!!


  1. We ate like we have never seen food before while home for the holidays on leave! Ugh! I am in love with! I have made a handful of her recipes and even the hubs think they are good!

  2. ive already found so many recipes on that website i want to try!!! thank you for sharing :)